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From Idea to Health Business


Do you have an idea that could change the future of the health sector? This online programme will help you turn it into a workable business model. You gain a deep understanding of the health sector – and get the insight and tools you need to successfully take your innovation to market. If you’re ready to become a healthcare entrepreneur, this is the place to start.

Why this programme?

You have an innovative idea that could transform the healthcare industry. Now you need to nurture it, develop it and take it to market. On this online programme, you’ll learn how to turn your idea – whether it’s for a new medical device, drug, organisational model or process – into a sustainable business model that meets a need in the healthcare sector.

You’ll examine your idea from every angle and determine its potential to become a successful business. You’ll explore who your stakeholders are, what needs your business will meet – and how you can make your offer stand out. You’ll then bring this information together to form your ‘health idea selfie’ – a business plan that will help you to professionally present your idea.

This programme is a partnership between the Health Sciences & Business Institute of KU Leuven and Vlerick Business School – and Imperial College London. It’s sponsored by EIT Health – that aims to stimulate and professionalise entrepreneurship in our life sciences and health innovation ecosystems.

This is an online journey that you study at your own pace. When you successfully complete the programme, you’ll gain a certificate.

Who should attend?

This online programme is for entrepreneurs, start-ups or individuals who want to shape the future of the healthcare industry – and have an idea that’s in its early stages.

  • Health and life sciences students and professionals
  • Professionals from the health industry
  • Health start-up entrepreneurs
  • Life-science based ventures and intrapreneurs

You may have a broad management skillset – but need greater insight into the health sector. Or you may be knowledgeable about healthcare and are looking to enhance your business skills. You don’t need any specialist health industry expertise to enrol.

Programme content

At the beginning of the programme, you’ll gain valuable insight into the fundamental aspects of healthcare innovation that will help boost your chances of entrepreneurial success. You’ll discover the key stages in the healthcare innovation journey – from invention to commercialisation – and explore the challenges of bringing a new health idea to market. And you’ll take inspiration from how other technology has been adopted.

This stage is all about putting the patient or end-user at the heart of your business plan – and why this is so important. You’ll assess the value of your idea and consider it from a patient’s perspective – how will it benefit them? What need does it meet? You’ll learn how to identify unaddressed needs in the sector – and the tools you need to turn this knowledge into a relevant, sustainable offer.

This final stage looks about how you can create value for the health sector – and how you can capture this value. You’ll identify the best business model to take your idea to market. You’ll evaluate your innovation and the benefits it offers users – and you’ll discover how to articulate these benefits when you’re presenting to potential partners or funding sources.

Programme key info

(ongoing intake)

2 months
£285 (Credit Card Payment Only)

Practical info

Length: 8 online learning sessions of 4-5h per session. Typically, participants would complete the programme in 2 months. You can tailor the learning trajectory to your own preferred speed, depending on your needs: get going fast to accelerate your time to market, or spread the sessions and homework to better match your agenda.

Date(s): You can start your self-lead journey anytime. After sumitting your application and making payment you will get log in details to the online platform.

Locations: This course is offered on our online platform. You can participate in the programme at your own pace. Through a mix of videos, readings, exercises and reflections, you’ll be ready to take the next steps in developing your start-up.

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