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Inner Landscapes of Leadership


If you are seeking to be an inspiring leader, to drive innovation and change in your organisation, look no further.

This unique programme addresses a widely acknowledged issue: we cannot inspire others without first harnessing our own true potential. Achieving inner awareness, a real understanding of who we are and want we want, brings the power to pursue your vision and reach every goal. From this position comes naturally inspiring behaviour, which is infectious.

With expert guidance from Srikumar Rao and his team, and using a variety of immersive techniques, you will:

  • Discover the inner blocks to happiness and fulfilment which we all face
  • Address these in a positive, empowering environment
  • Reclaim your innate confidence, your joy in life
  • Learn how to eliminate stress and negative thought patterns
  • Build a personal suite of techniques which work for you and learn how to use them for best effect
  • Go on to inspire your colleagues, your workforce, the world

Who should attend?

This programme is hugely popular with senior executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, surgeons, architects, lawyers and anyone who wants to make their mark on the world.

Take this programme if you:

  • Can tolerate ambiguity
  • Are ready to have your beliefs challenged
  • Are comfortable examining values and cultural systems different from your own
  • Can maintain an open mind when confronted with seemingly strange ideas


For both individuals and organisations, the benefits are enormous:

  • Greater clarity and vision
  • Greater team cohesion and dedication to their individual roles
  • Greater opportunity for business growth

Programme content

Morning session:

This session will help you realize that the world you live in and experience is a construct, not a given reality. You, however, have invested in the particular “reality” that you are experiencing and the more you persist in such investment, the more it will appear that this is, in fact, the way it is. It is a self-reinforcing vicious cycle.

A group exercise will help you understand how you are binding yourself and how you can begin to break out of these self imposed restraints.

Afternoon session:

We explore the thesis that, in some way, shape, fashion or form your whole life is a quest for happiness. Virtually all your activities are directed to achieve this state and it remains elusive the harder you seek it and try to attain it.

Common beliefs are that happiness comes from the acquisition of things, that it is dependent on non-material qualities like presence of good friends and loving family members, that it requires challenges and intellectual stimulation, that good health, food and shelter are pre-requisites for achieving it and so on. There are many, many models of how happiness comes into your life.

You will be presented with a different model of happiness and will be encouraged to both test it and adapt it to fit your unique circumstances.

Morning session:

We construct the “reality” we live in and experience with models that we use to make sense of the world. We are all a mess of conditionings and the only ways in which we differ is the particular conditioning that we have been subject to.

We will examine the process by which we – heretofore unconsciously, henceforth consciously – construct our models and understand the plethora of dysfunctional methods we use to cope with the “problems” in our lives.

Group exercises will bring this point home vividly.

Afternoon session:

We live in a particular emotional domain and make decisions and take actions from that space. Some of these domains are anxiety, fear, indecision, stress, feelings of inadequacy, depression, ennui, distaste and so on. Others are optimism, sense of possibility, deep appreciation, etc. We are certainly not restricted to any one domain and most of us switch back and forth and occupy several at different times of the day and points in our lives. Nevertheless there are domains that we spend more time in and that are “home” for this reason.

We examine how the domain you live in affects every aspect of your life.

Individual and group exercises help you understand that you are not a prisoner of your conditionings and you can slip into higher, better domains as your habitual resting place.

Morning session:

We understand, at a deep level, that meaning and purpose are important. And yet, the most important single complaint I get from executives at all levels is about the lack of meaning in their lives, of how purpose is somehow missing.
We examine what gives meaning and where it stems from. Does it depend on the job? The mission of the organisation? The social structure you are a part of?
Once again, individual and group exercises help you understand not only the nature of deep meaning but how to begin bringing it into your life. You will begin crafting a personal mission that makes you come alive.

Afternoon session:

Leaders should be authentic. But what does authenticity mean? And how does one develop it? And, further, how is one to remain authentic when buffeted by constant change and subjected to intense pressure by different publics and interested parties – both within and without the organization.
You will craft and rehearse the multiple stories that lead to the perception of authenticity. As you become proficient, the mask will become your face and perception will change to reality.
You will be the persona you project.

Morning session:

You will begin to apply the concepts to which you have been exposed to situations in your professional and personal life. You will examine the mental models you hold and how these are actually holding you back.

You cannot make a quantum leap in your life by doing what you have always done. You have to think differently. This happens automatically as you jettison long held mental models and adopt new ones.

Afternoon session:

We wrap up all the learning and explore how you can transmit it to others in a way that is neither condescending nor dictatorial. What is important is not so much what you do or say as who you are being as you do or say it.

You will start exploring how your personal mission can be aligned with your organizational imperatives.

You will also learn how to begin the process of organizational change and how to reach out and link up with others in this worthy cause.

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(Module 2)

4 days
Imperial College Business School

Only at Imperial

The Inner landscapes of Leadership programme follows our Impact Lab™ philosophy of cross-disciplinary, experiential learning. It is unique in that the work you do for the course is done while you are doing what you regularly do. You will be assigned a series of total immersion exercises aimed to create startling insights that result from viewing same situations from a different perspective.

What people are saying

This course is brilliant in making you take a step back and take away those masks that you are really good at putting on if you’re in the corporate space…

Helene BradleyCommunications Director

I’ve become a much kinder person to the rest of the world … I notice that at work with my staff and my colleagues. It makes a distinct difference in how I interact and what I can get out of them as well…

Ladina GillyAssociate Director, CSCS Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

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