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Leadership in a Technology Driven World


The Leadership in a Technology Driven World programme combines two critical and interrelated topics – leadership and technology. While leadership has always been about inspiring and influencing people, leaders must now be able to do this in a context where technology is becoming ever more central and changing increasingly fast. To be a successful leader today is therefore about leading people and understanding and leveraging technology. This digital leadership programme will help aspiring leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, understand the rapidly changing technological context of modern business, and provide them with the tools to lead in this challenging context.

Who should attend?

This Leadership in technology training is for:

  • Functional Directors wanting to take their career to the next level.
  • Newly promoted General Managers seeking to acquire the necessary general management and leadership skills.


  • To provide you with insight into yourself as a leader
  • To provide you with new leadership skills and techniques
  • To help you think through your leadership development journey both during and after the programme

The learning tools and methodology

  • High interaction in coached group sessions
  • Business cases and simulations
  • Insights from world’s best organisations
  • Work out of the comfort zone

What people are saying

It was a fantastic combination of lectures, real life experiences from CEO's who have faced the challenges of strategy transformation in a technology driven world as well as hearing from those that are real game changers, leading the way in what successful digital transformation looks like and the tools and mindset that make it successful.

As a leader it’s easy to neglect the regular health check on how I am doing in the eyes of the people I lead but also ensuring I have the right toolset to adapt to the constant fast paced changes driven by technology developments. The course gave me the space and structure to do that which is invaluable. It resets the mind, the motivation and is a chance to keep developing.

The six days were stimulating, motivating and really highlighted what an incredibly exciting time of change we are working in. The course gave me the tools to draw on to help manage transformation in a refreshed and relevant way that can move with the pace of our digital transformation.

Zoe CarterDirector of Content Operations, ITV

Programme Content

Module 1

Session 1: Your leadership profile: Myers Briggs Type Indicator™ (Nelson Phillips)

The MBTI is a powerful tool for understanding your personality and how it shapes your leadership style. In this session, we will discuss the MBTI and how to use it as a basis for your leadership development. The point of this session is not change your personality, but to understand how your personality type leads to leadership effectiveness or ineffectiveness in different leadership situations.

Session 2: Your EQ: Emotional and Social Competency Inventory™ (Nelson Phillips)

Much of your success in organizations is shaped by your effectiveness in influencing people. The ESCI measures your level of emotional intelligence and provides invaluable information on your effectiveness with people. In this session, we will discuss EQ and how your EQ affects your leadership success. We will also discuss strategies for increasing your EQ to maximize your leadership effectiveness.

Session 3: You as a Leader: How Does My Personality Affect My Leadership Practice?

In this session, you will work in a small group with a coach to integrate your MBTI and ESCI results and explore what they mean for you. You will leave the session with practical, actionable and customized action points to improve your leadership practice and to begin to craft your leadership development plan.

Session 4: Leading in the Multigenerational Firm (Nelson Phillips)

The baby boomers, generation X, the millennials: we have all heard a lot about the challenges of leading different generations. In this session, we will broaden that perspective and discuss the new reality of leading in the multi-generational firm. The combination of delayed retirement and the millennials entering the workforce has resulted in organizations with three or even four generations represented. What does this mean for your leadership?

Optional Evening Workshop (1.5 hours): Scott Halford: Executive Presentation skills

You’re a smart business person. You’re a subject matter expert. How hard can it be to speak to a roomful of people about this topic?

The key of course is to marry the brilliance of what you say with the dynamism of how you say it to create the most powerful impact you can. In interactive workshops designed for business people you will learn to become the speaker you dream about.

Knocking knees and sweaty palms? Learn the neuroscience behind your body’s reaction and most importantly, what to do about it. With preparation and practice the hard part of speaking in public will be behind you.

Session 1: Leading in challenging environments: Adaptive Leadership (Frans Camphor)

According to the Boston Consulting Group, “adaptive Leadership is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. It is being able, both individually and collectively, to take on the gradual but meaningful process of change.” Adaptive leadership is an approach to leadership that recognizes the fact that leaders aren’t always the experts and don’t always know the answers but must be adept at motivating their teams to take on difficult and ambiguous challenges. This is particularly true in a world facing rapid technology change where leaders must rely on the experts on their teams to respond to new and rapidly evolving challenges.

Session 2: How to be an authentic leader? (Frans Camphor)

To be an authentic leader, you’ll have to know who you are. You’ll complete some exercises before this session to become more aware of who and what has shaped you. In the session we will discuss how authentic you are as a leader, what situations you find challenging to be authentic, and the perils of not being authentic as a leader. We will also discuss practical ways to meet the challenge of authenticity in your leadership practice.

Session 3: ImpactLab™ Performance simulator

The Performance Simulator is a simulator that lets us create stressful situation and monitor the physiological responses of participants. The Performance Simulator will further increase your self-awareness of your individual leadership and communication strengths and identify areas for development as well as helping you present effectively and with impact. The participants will receive feedback on behavioural and psychological aspects of their performance and also hints for better stress management.

Session 4: Leading Mindfully (Sankalp Chaturvedi)

In this session, Dr. Sankalp Chaturvedi will explain science behind principles of present-centered attention and awareness i.e. mindfulness. The learning points will include:  (1) Understanding benefits of mindfulness for self  2) How mindfulness can help in leading teams effectively.  The session will conclude with a Learning-by-doing exercise, with debrief and conclusion for leadership development.

Evening Event: Dinner and leadership speaker (Catherine Bishop?)

Session 1: Strategy execution (George Yip)

While crafting an inspiring and effective strategy is a key challenge for leaders, extensive research has shown that the real challenge is not really crafting a great strategy but actually ensuring that the resulting strategy is executed. In this session, we will explore how successful leaders execute strategies effectively. We will discuss the challenges they commonly face in making strategies a reality and the tactics that effective leaders use to ensure that strategies happen.

Session 2: Leading strategic transformation (George Yip)

Leadership is about making things happen and in this session we will discuss the role of a leader in creating change in organizations. More specifically, we will examine how leaders lead strategic transformation and provide a toolkit for you to be more effective at leading strategic transformation.

Session 3: Organizational Change Simulation (Namrata Malhotra)

In this session, you will draw on the themes from the previous sessions and your own management experience to solve a common problem faced by many leaders: creating momentum for change. In this simulation, you will lead a change effort to transform the company. But can you make the necessary change happen with the people and resources you have at hand?

Session 4:  You as a Leader: Organization Change Simulation Debrief (Namrata Malhotra)

In this session, we will discuss the results of the organizational change simulation and identify key learning points about your leadership practice and about leading change more broadly.

Between modules activity: Developing a Leadership Development Plan

An initial leadership action plan will be prepared in between sessions and followed up in the second module.

Individual telephone coaching regarding leadership development plan

Module 2

Session 1: Future Scenarios (Richard Watson)

To get us started thinking about the changing world you are facing, we will hear from Richard Watson about some of the trends that are shaping business and discuss what they mean for you as a leader and for your business.

Session 2: Technology Trends I

In this session, we will hear from two Imperial College experts on two different technology trends that are shaping business such as machine learning, block chain, cyber security, or new materials. The discussion with the experts will be followed by a debrief focusing on how these innovations may affect your business.

Session 3: Intrapreneurship: Corporate renewal and long term growth (Bart Clarysse)

While we hear a lot about entrepreneurship as a source of economic growth, the creation of new areas of activity in existing firms is equally important. Intrapreneurship, as this activity is called, is about creating something new in an existing firm and intrapreneurship is a key challenge for many leaders and a necessity for firms to succeed and thrive over the long term. In this session, we will discuss how you can be a more effective intrapreneur and provide a practical toolkit for you to be a more effective intrepreneur.

Session 4: Real-world application: Live Case

In this session, we will examine a real example of successful intrapreneurship in an existing firm including a discussion with the leader who led the new activity. The discussion will focus on the leader’s role in intrapreneurship and the challenges you can expect to face when doing so.

Session 1: Technology Trends II

In this session, we will hear from two Imperial College experts on two different technology trends that are shaping business such as machine learning, block chain, cyber security, or new materials. The discussion with the experts will be followed by a debrief focusing on how these innovations may affect your business.

Session 2: Leading Disruption and Uncertainty (Nelson Phillips)

The idea of disrupting existing markets has taken the technology world by storm. But what is disruption and what makes a company’s offering disruptive? What can a leader do to increase the chance of their firm being truly disruptive in their industry? And what can a leader do when they face disruption?

Session 3: Real-world application: Live Case

In this session, we will examine a real example of an industry that experienced disruption including a discussion with the CEO of one of the incumbents. The discussion will focus on a simple but profound question: How do you avoid being disrupted?

Session 4: Impact Lab™ Data Observatory: big data visualisation + case study

In this session, we will visit the Decision Sciences Institute and experience the power of big data visualization.

Session 1: Technology Trends III: The Future of Innovation (David Gann)

Innovation is key to the sustainable success of firms. In this session, we will hear from an expert on the current best practices in innovation and also about what trends we can expect in innovation in the future. We will also discuss the role of you as a leader in innovation in your team and in your firm.

Session 2: Leading Digital Transformation (Markus Perkmann)

Business is becoming digital. The internet is not just a concern for Amazon and, but is affecting all businesses everywhere. In this session, we will pull together many of the themes we have been discussing in earlier sessions to understand how digital transformation is affecting the business world and how it is going to affect you as a leader.

Session 3: Real-world application: Live Case

In this session, we will examine a real example of an industry that experienced disruption including a discussion with the CEO of one of the incumbents. The discussion will focus on a simple but profound question: How do you avoid being disrupted?

Session 4: Your Leadership Development Plan

In this final session, you will work in a small group with a coach and focus on what you will do to continue to develop as a leader following the course. Based on your work in Modules 1 and 2, you will build on the initial draft of your leadership plan to build an actionable, effective, and impactful programme of leadership development building on the material from the module, what you have learned about yourself, and your personal leadership goals.

Programme key info

Imperial College Business School

Go above and beyond

Immersive learning experiences for unparalleled insight and inspiration

Firmly rooted in our scientific tradition, researched and taught by experts of international renown, an Imperial Executive Education delivers the gold standard in 21st century learning.

At Imperial it’s not just what you learn, it’s how you learn. Going way beyond the classroom our Impact Lab™ approach is a series of immersive, interactive experiences. Here we uniquely blend the disciplines of science and technology with the results focus of business.

This is where you’ll break free of current mental patterns to discover practical, new solutions, inspiring methods of leadership and embrace bold, new ideas.

You’ll be challenged by sessions in the Imperial Boathouse and Dyson Incubator. It’s where you’ll be inspired and grow in confidence with every hour.

The programme was excellent and following a few epiphanic moments throughout the course, I now understand what is required to move from Director to Leader. Creating department strategy and recognising the value of reaching coach status. I would recommend the course for anyone who would like a high level understanding of leadership and access to the tools required to achieve this.

Marie RavettaDirector of HR, Workshare

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