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Marketing in a Digital World


Mastering the digital economy represents a powerful opportunity for businesses. It can transform critical strategic elements – from your business model through to product and service design – and shape tactical elements, such as marketing communications and channel management.

While the objectives of a successful business remain the same, the vehicles available to achieve them have very much evolved. Savvy organisations can now make use of analytics, brand evangelists, display advertising and social media, video and mobile marketing. But in what combination?

This digital marketing course harnesses our history of technological expertise to explore the latest insights into digital marketing. Together, we’ll identify a powerful set of best practices for your business.

Who should attend ?

The programme is targeted at mid- and upper-level managers responsible for developing and implementing digital marketing campaigns in B2B and B2C companies, professionals who develop or lead digital marketing for their companies or client companies, as well as business managers and entrepreneurs wishing to broaden and deepen their digital marketing skills and toolkit and looking for new and fresh ideas to improve profitability.


Through this programme, you will master the language of digital marketing, appreciate the opportunities that it can provide your organisation, and strengthen your market management competencies in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. You will come away equipped with a wealth of novel, relevant and powerful ideas about how to compete in the digital economy.

The Internet provides great opportunities to organisations that strive to harness the digital marketing toolkit effectively. It can shape critical business activities, ranging from business model design to product development, and from communications to customer value creation and engagement. Through this programme, your organisation can adapt and capitalise on some of the latest trends, opportunities and ideas in the digital economy.

Programme content

  • Online advertising
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Digital growth marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing tools
  • Analytics and data
  • Brand experience management

Morning – Dr Omar Merlo

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

In this session we introduce fundamental concepts, trends and ideas in digital marketing. Digital is reshaping critical elements of a business strategy (such as the business model and product and service design), and its tactics (such as marketing communications). While the objectives of marketing may still be the same, the vehicles through which they can be achieved are evolving rapidly. In this opening session we introduce the programme and look at some basic elements of strategic market management, digital marketing, the key business areas affected by digital, and some of the main implications for strategy and tactics.

Afternoon – Daniel Rowles

Digital Tools and Content Marketing

In this session we explore the practicalities of what content marketing really is and look at the overlap between social media, content and search optimisation. The session starts by building an understanding of the user journey and then looking at the practical steps of building a content plan, search optimisation and effective social media. The session will then explore a measurement framework to judge the impact of content marketing on end business objectives. Using free tools and practical examples throughout, attendees will leave with a set of practical techniques and tools they can use immediately.

Morning – Dr Catarina Sismeiro

Digital Channels and Communications

In this session we discuss the current challenges firms face in managing their distribution and communications channels in a world where digital technologies are transforming the way businesses operate. Although distribution and marketing communications are two of the fundamental pieces firms have at their disposal to reach customers (not just with their messages but also with their products and services), these are often seen as extremely different and separate. We discuss how digital technologies pose similar challenges and opportunities to both, and whether frictionless commerce is indeed a reality.

Afternoon – Jaka Levstek

Digital Growth Marketing

In this session we focus on growth marketing, which refers to all marketing strategies and tactics related to targeted revenue, user acquisition, engagement and retention that is scalable and measurable. Growth marketing involves removing the boundaries of marketing to enable every aspect of the customer experience to focus on attracting more engaged customers. We consider best practices from both early-stage and established companies, and present the tools they use, and how. We discuss: (1) the customer lifecycle, with a breakdown of customer development steps, (2) conversion behaviour and metrics, (3) measuring success through qualitative, quantitative and comparative analysis, (4) channel selection and segmentation, (5) conducting conversion optimisation experiments, (6) the role of tools and techniques, (7) the importance and usage of growth hacking, and (8) establishing a growth process.

Programme key info


02/05/2019 – 03/05/2019

2 days
Imperial College Business School

What people are saying

This programme combines academic and industry insights so it really helps with understanding both the theoretical perspective and applicable tactics. I strongly recommend this programme to executives who want to broaden their knowledge about digital marketing theory and practise as well as build a professional network from different industries.

Z. Eren Kocyigit Founder, NBT

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