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The Integration of Finance and Strategy for Value Creation


At their very core, board level decisions are often driven by financial information. This programme is all about making these decisions wiser and better informed.

Experiential yet rational, it will improve your understanding of the global context of finance and its impact on your operating strategy. You’ll also explore the latest insights around mergers and acquistions, risk and developing lasting value driven proposals.

The programme is delivered by internationally renowned faculty from Imperial College Business School. Once completed, you’ll be better equipped to critically analyse finance before making mission-critical business decisions.

This programme is formally known as Finance for Non-Finance Executives

Who should attend?

  • Senior managers
  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Business owners
  • Future board members


  • Appreciating the role of financial strategy (financing, dividends and share repurchases) and the link to operating strategy
  • How to use mergers and acquisitions to complement and supplement organic growth
  • Creating value
  • Managing Risk

Programme content

Value Creation

John Percival

Creating value for shareholders and other stakeholders is the aim of most corporations. Implementing this objective is far from easy.  It requires good operating and marketing decisions. But these are not enough on their own to create value. This session will outline the financial and accounting tools that can be used to ensure these policies allow the firm’s investments to create as much value as possible.

Using Discounted Cash Flow

Franklin Allen

Financial analysis involves finding the free cash flow that investments and firms will generate. The next step is to discount these at the opportunity cost of capital. But where does this come from and what does it reflect? This session will look in detail at how discount rates can be found and how free cash flow can be calculated from accounting data and forecast going forward.

Issues and discounted cash flow: Airbus A3XX Case

John Percival

The decision of Airbus to produce the A380 is examined using the information available in 2000.  This case provides a good illustration of how discounted cash flow techniques can be used.

Financing Decisions

Franklin Allen

How much equity and how much debt should a firm use and how does this affect a company’s cost of capital?  This session will investigate how financing decisions can be incorporated in the basic framework developed so far and in particular the concept of the weighted average cost of capital will be developed.

John Percival

The financing decisions of Diageo provide a good illustration of the tools developed in the previous session.

Performance Simulator

This workshop introduces you to fundamental principles of effective performance, informed by the latest research and technology from the fields of performance science, psychology and physiology.

This session will offer an opportunity to assess your performance quality and to consider new approaches to preparing, delivering and reviewing presentations in public.

Current Global Financial Situation

Franklin Allen

Much is happening in the global financial system including Greece and the slowdown in China.  This session will give a roundup of the current global financial system and how it may affect corporations’ financial decisions.

Hoya/ Pentax case

John Percival

This case concerns the acquisition of Pentax by Hoya.  It provides an illustration of some of the issues discussed in the previous session.

Programme key info

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3 days
Imperial College Business School

Only at Imperial

At Imperial, immersive experiences create more intelligent businesses with learning that goes way beyond the classroom. Unique to Imperial, Impact Lab™ is provocative, interactive and designed to test you in unfamiliar environments and scenarios – like the Performance Simulator (in partnership with the Royal College of Music) where you will develop your financial communication skills in front of a demanding virtual audience.

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The programme was very well organised and we had excellent teachers who really brought finance to life through interesting case studies, which made me want to learn more. It was also a pleasure to interact with other professionals from all over the world, which made for a highly enjoyable experience

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The programme is a great platform to elevate my learning and it has given me incredible insight into our industry. There have been some very powerful messages and tools provided to help me transform the business at the pace required (fast)…

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