Ghandi centre gallery

2017 Winners

ThinAir was formed in 2016 by a team of four young scientists from Imperial College London and aims to solve one of the three biggest problems on the planet, water scarcity. ThinAir has developed a bio-membrane that condenses water from atmospheric air efficiently and energy-free. The team that formed ThinAir were inspired by the potential of biomimicry and they based their idea on the way beetles capture water from the atmospheric air even in the driest habitats in the world.

Velox has the idea of using behavioural economics insights to solve the world-wide problem of obesity. Using behavioural economics insights in an app, it aims to motivate its app users to exercise regularly. It does this by using a financial reward/punishment system, by charging the user’s bank account if he/she did not reach his/her self-selected goals. We are a team of 5 people who all studied at Imperial College Business School and graduated in 2017, from 5 different countries with very diverse backgrounds.

Donaco is a website extension which facilitates donations by bringing trustworthy charities to individuals based on the content they read. Our uniqueness stems from three key factors:

  • Relevant charities are suggested to the reader
  • Simplicity – a single user account for all donations, with integrated online payments (Android pay, Apple pay, PayPal, etc.)
  • Transparency – Trusted international and community based charities where more than 80% of proceeds help the cause, and a portal that provides tracking of the donation