Driving innovation

Our research and expertise in the area of innovation resulted in a prestigious secondment from our EPSRC-funded  Innovation Studies Centre (ISC) to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) for Dr Keith Smith, as Head of Innovation and Policy Analysis.  BIS needed to find new and effective ways to translate academic research evidence into policies and programmes to enhance business and economic opportunities.

Based on his research profile and experience of R&D measurement and policy analysis, Keith was responsible for providing advice to Ministers, Senior Officials, the Treasury and EU on how innovation happens and how the evidence-base could be fostered through policy provision. This video explains how Keith’s role contributed to the Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth and how Imperial research helped to shape the way these policies are defined, structured and implemented.


Our Partners

  • "As well as his expertise in innovation economics, Keith brings insight about the university research base that we fund and support" - Mark Beatson, Science and Research Areas, BIS

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Tune in to the podcast

Dr Keith Smith has headed the Science and Innovation Analysis Division at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills for more than three years. In this podcast he explains how modern policy is helping to drive innovation in the UK, and how academic research informs and shapes these polices.