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Entrepreneurs have changed the way business works, making considerable contributions to national economies and systems of innovation. But it is vital to understand the value of entrepreneurship and how it can be enhanced. Our research by Professor Erkko Autio and colleagues, initiated through the EPSRC Innovation Studies Centre, considers the quality, impact and longevity of companies, as well as the context in which ventures emerge and thrive.

The result is the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI), a tool which unites these varying elements and ranks countries according to their entrepreneurial characteristics.  In the video below, Professor Autio explains how GEDI is helping governments shape policy that develops and advances entrepreneurial growth

Our Partners

  • "The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index really does help us in BIS benchmark our performance" - David Willetts, (then) Minister for Universities and Science
  • "GEDI provides a systematic perspective towards entrepreneurship policies in EU regions" - Deputy Head of Economic Analysis Unit, EU Commission

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Tune in the podcast

In this podcast Professor Erkko Autio explains more about the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) and how it is being used to rank countries based on their levels of entrepreneurship and by governments in developing targeted policy measures.