Digital bank

The scope of the firm can look dramatically different in the Digital Era. Areas of interest include:

Ecosystem management

How platform companies transcend traditional sales / manufacturing / distribution models. For example, when a company such as Google can have 6 million developers (who are not on payroll) creating Android apps, and actually generating new revenue for Google in order for those developers (at their own expense) to market and sell those apps, where do the risks and obligations lie? How is regulation applied? How is this kind of ecosystem managed, empowered, and grown?

Distributed governance

How emergent organizational forms such as Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) drive competitive advantage. With the governance technologies associated with web3 being explored at scale, what are the advantages of a DAO? How is it coordinated? What new possibilities does it unlock and what risks are engendered by ‘crowdsourced governance’?

Emergent models

Other frontiers of how scope of the firm changes when the perimeter is digital instead of analogue, ranging from identifying new revenue opportunities to uncovering strategic and existential threats to the organisation.