Our interest is in the adoption, implementation and sustainability of innovation in healthcare systems – how to plan and deliver services, technologies and infrastructures within a highly complex, rapidly changing environment. This work is largely being carried out within the HaCIRIC research centre, but also includes projects funded by the Department of Health and other bodies.

Research projects include:

  • Modelling the impact of stroke care redesign options (Cox, Bayer, Barlow)
  • Evaluation of the Department of Health’s Whole System Demonstrator programme, focusing on organisational factors (Barlow, Hendy, Chrysanthaki)
  • The whole system impact of targets for emergency care (Barlow)
  • The impact of the private finance initiative on innovation in hospital design (Barlow)
  • The impact of regulation and competition on pharmaceutical company behaviour (Miraldo)

We have a growing interest in the role of major collaborative transformation programmes in changing healthcare, and are investigating this through our contributions to the WSD evaluation (see above) and North West London CLAHRC.

In this TEDx talk Professor James Barlow explains that increased disease associated with obesity and poor nutrition means existing resources are insufficient to cope. Shifting certain treatments and care from hospitals to the local community and giving patients access to cheaper health workers can improve the system.