speeding cars
telematics data

The challenge:

A small start-up company with a large telematics data set derived from their mobile phone app wanted to explore commercial applications for their data.

How did we help:

Through the Data Spark scheme, the team undertook extensive data analysis and considered the feasibility of applying the results to 3 main areas: driver behaviour prior to a reported crash, underwriting/fraud detection and calculating driver safety scores.

The outcome:

Simulated in an immersive visualisation using the cutting-edge technology in the KPMG Data Observatory, this demonstration shows that a simple mobile phone app could prove to be just as powerful as the black box recorder. The visualisation tracks and analyses driver behaviour, allowing participants to see driver behaviour before a reported crash, the calculation of driver safety scores and typical driver journeys.

Key facts

  • Custom built visualisation
  • 200,000 journeys
  • 7,000 users
  • Proof of Concept
  • Analytics derived from a Data Spark project