Artificial intelligence

AI, automation, and the future of work, organisations and labour markets

Increasingly, people are predicting that AI will bring a social and economic change of an order not seen since the industrial revolution.

But big questions remain about how and when all this predicted change will unfold?

In our view, a confluence of advances in data science is poised to transform organisations, work and labour markets in radical ways, but there is a dearth of clarity about how. To solve that problem, we are breaking down innovations in data science and AI and relating them to features of work to be able to predict how and when we will see changes in workforces of organisations and, more generally, the economy overall.

These are our core research questions:

  • What makes a job automatable? What jobs will be automated first?
  • How will workforces change over time? What jobs are most and least secure?
  • As organizations blend human and machine workers, what is the optimal blend?
  • As work is done by human and machine workers, how will the two interface?
  • What kinds of work, or other means of support, will take the place of lost jobs?
  • How can the transition to this coming era be made as humanely as possible?
  • What will be the economic and social impact of these changes?
  • Who will lead, and who will get left behind? What will separate the two?

Research led by Dr Mark Kennedy
Theme: Organisations & Strategy