Imperial Business Analytics About us

Bringing fundamental changes to business through data science

We believe that organisations of the future will be radically reconstituted by breakthroughs in data science and business analytics, bringing fundamental changes to how companies manage people, operations, and marketing. We are pursuing high-impact research in partnership with organisations that will be writing this future.

Our research areas

We are focusing our combined resources on the areas that matter most to today’s business leaders and tomorrow’s leading businesses.

  • Operations

  • Organisation Behaviour

  • Marketing & Strategy

  • Health Management

  • Economics

  • Data Science and AI

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Our alliance

We help executives achieve greater value from their data by bringing together some of the best data scientists and business leaders to focus on solving complex business challenges.

"At KPMG our clients are tackling increasing volume, velocity and complexity of big-data. Finding better ways of analysing data is the key to unlocking its profitability. I am excited that this alliance will unleash new waves of productivity, growth and innovation."
Christian Rast
Global Head of Data and Analytics, KPMG
Christian Rast