The Leonardo Centre on Business for Society invites you to contribute to the Leonardo Manifesto, which outlines how organisations must change to help society regenerate and thrive 

Environmental destruction and socioeconomic inequality are not an inevitable consequence of economic growth. It is possible to create a positive link between economic prosperity, societal wellbeing and environmental regeneration. To achieve this, rethinking the logic that drives enterprises is necessary to enable fair and inclusive economic development while rewarding stakeholders for their contribution to human, social, financial and natural capital.

Realising this systemic change requires not only internal transformation, but also a collaborative effort among business, academia, investors, public institutions and society at large. If you would like to contribute to the development of the Leonardo Manifesto, and to the realisation of its vision, please download the manifesto and send signed endorsement statements to

Discover more about our vision for society in the below videos. 

Read the full Leonardo Manifesto and provide your endorsement