From Australia to Taiwan, South Korea to Lebanon, we are most grateful to the support of our 35 international alumni groups and associations, located in 26 countries. These groups are led by dedicated and supportive alumni from the Business School and Imperial College London who bring together their local alumni communities for events, conferences and catch ups, providing great networking opportunities across the wider Imperial network.

Our alumni representatives

One of our active group leaders is Business School alumnus Ebram Tadros (MSc International Health Management 2014), who manages the Imperial College London alumni network in Toronto, Canada. We asked him why staying involved with the College is so important to him:

“I spent the most amazing educational days of my life learning at Imperial College’s Business School. The interactions and opportunities the College provided me have been unrivalled and prepared me well for the professional world. Much of what I’ve achieved today, whether it’s the ability to swiftly blend into a team, build quick rapport at work, or even walk into a job interview with the confidence of being associated with the brand, I owe to Imperial.

With the multitude of collaboration opportunities available around us today, I believe that helping society around us in the name of the Imperial’s alumni and promoting the brand further is important. To me, Imperial’s not only about your time at the School – it remains to be the institution of opportunities I would like to continue tapping into long after graduation.

“Canada is home to other world-renowned academic institutions such as the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo, of which I am an alumnus myself – this in turn opens a massive platform for collaboration and further partnership opportunities, not limited to networking events, career talks, socials, sports and more.”

How you can get involved

Eilidh Campbell is Alumni Engagement Officer and looks after Imperial’s groups and associations, “Our 35 recognised alumni groups are vital to our global community. Thanks to them, a friendly alumni network can be found in cities across the world hosting events, helping new arrivals settle in and providing opportunities to alumni to keep learning, networking and maintaining a connection to what is going on at Imperial.

I love working with our alumni groups – from weekend conferences in Germany, to networking drinks in Vancouver, or alumni careers fairs in China, our groups provide amazing experiences and opportunities for the network. They are very dedicated and are always looking for new people to get involved.”

You can find out more about the regional alumni groups here. If there isn’t a group which matches your interests or location, the Imperial College London Alumni Relations Office can provide you with advice and support on setting up your own group. You can find out more here.