The Business School alumni network spans over 125 countries, so no matter where you are in the world, you are never far away from a fellow alumnus. Approximately a third* of our alumni community live and work abroad, demonstrating the international ambitions of those who study here. The strength of this network is the wealth of support and advice, networking opportunities, career advice and local knowledge it can provide, coupled with a keen sense of community.

Canadian connections

We were recently contacted by alumnus Fahad Jahangir (Full-Time MBA 2017) who is interested in moving to Canada and wanted to know more about the employment market. We put a call out to the Canadian alumni community which was quick to respond with positive advice.

“I wanted to speak to alumni in Canada as I plan to relocate there in 2018/2019,” Fahad told us. “The goal was to engage in conversations with alumni in Canada to understand what the employment market is like there, find out about employment ‘hot-spots’ and what living in Canada is generally like.

It was so useful to speak to alumni there. Everyone I spoke to was welcoming and took time out from their busy schedules to share their experiences with me. Many alumni helped me connect with relevant contacts within their network which was invaluable. Alumni in KPMG and Deloitte managed to get me on the interview ladder for unadvertised positions! Another accomplished alumni connected me with invaluable contacts at General Motors.

“Through alumni networking, I became more visible to potential employers. I received two calls for interview – one from Deloitte and one from KPMG. I now have a much better understanding of life in Canada and am better prepared than I was when I commenced my relocation process.”

One of the alumni we put Fahad in touch with was Sophie Tremblay-Sabatini (MSc Investment and Wealth Management 2016): “It is great to see alumni wanting to work in Canada. The network of alumni is growing internationally and I am happy to part of it,” she told us.

“I was happy to be able to help, not only with the job hunting itself, but also to answer questions about the broader workplace in Canada. I very much enjoyed the whole experience.”

A global community

Delighted with the response he received, Fahad told us: “Imperial alumni are great at supporting their fellow students from different programmes or even a different generation. The Business School provides extensive contacts with alumni across a multitude of industries. I want to thank Sophie, and also Maxim Spivak (Full-Time MBA 2006), who I also spoke to, for their support.

“Through the Business School, I had the opportunity to speak with highly accomplished professionals – including the CEO of a large oil and gas company in the UAE and the Head of Pilot training of a renowned UAE-based airline. The strength of ties to the Business School and Imperial College London cannot be emphasised enough!”

Want to connect with international alumni?

If you would like to connect with alumni across the globe for career or relocation purposes please get in touch. Or if you are happy to be contacted by alumni from the Business School take a look at the various volunteering options and sign up here.

*This in an estimate based on the data the Business School holds on the number of alumni currently living in a country which is different to their their country of nationality.