The Kold Group Consulting Project team.

MSc Strategic Marketing students partnered with British drinks company Kold Group to assess the US market. Taking place in the summer term, the Consulting Project is an opportunity for students to work with well-known companies, gaining real-world business experience and applying the knowledge gained on the programme.

The team (Milo Zhang, Thais Frade, Juliette Hoffmann, Janvi Shah and Claire Karmara) were tasked with reporting on the US market to explore market entry options for Kold Group. Working closely together, the team describes their partnership as “a mimic of real-life experience. We considered ourselves as working for a real consulting firm and treated the task as a real project rather than a university assignment.”

Describing their relationship with Kold Group, Thais and her team said they were “very supportive”. The Consulting Project resulted in “impactful insight to the company, as we not only confirmed some assumptions made by the company prior to the project, but also provided new directions for them to consider.”

The elective finished with an assessed presentation to representatives from Kold Group and experts at Imperial College Business School. I asked for the team’s three key takeaways of their presentation and how they prepared for it:

We communicated that the US market was risky but profitable, although it comes with high uncertainty,” they said, “We advised the company to wait to invest until the market is more stable and some of our assumptions are confirmed.

On preparing for the presentation, they said, “We tried to be as professional as we could. By considering the logical flow of the project, we tried to make it easy to follow and highlight important insights. We also rehearsed many times just to make sure the final presentation was at a high standard.”

The Consulting Projects are a valuable opportunity for students to learn more about how businesses operate and to apply their learning.  

I think the opportunity to work with a real-world company is super valuable. Since it is a one year programme, we not only learnt things from the academic perspective, we got to apply the knowledge to real companies. This further prepared us for real life and to adapt to business operations more effectively.

Overall thoughts on studying MSc Strategic Marketing at Imperial? “Superb. Apply, you won’t regret it.”