I started searching for an MBA programme by looking at a number of institutions across Europe; Germany, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland… They all have excellent reputations in their respective MBA programmes and as universities in general.

As a young, driven entrepreneur, I need an MBA programme that’s as flexible as possible. Flexible not only in time, to enable me to continue in my career progress; location, so that I can use my travel time to study whatever the location; pace, to help me distribute my time between family, work and study, but also in the choice of electives, so that I can tailor the programme to my specific needs.


I knew what I wanted, but could not find any programmes to fit my high expectations. Then one evening, after a long search on the Internet, it simply appeared in front of me…

Have you ever had this feeling? When you don’t need to analyse information logically in your head. You simply know, once it appears in front of you, that this is the right thing to do and in a matter of seconds, all the dots are connected. You suddenly know what to do to get where you want, to achieve what you have been dreaming of for a long time.

Reading about the Global Online MBA at Imperial Business School London gave me that feeling; the Business School, location, variety of study modes, reputation, quality, and the choice of modules that fit my future career, whether as an entrepreneur or business developer. Imperial College Business School’s Global Online MBA ticked all my “must have” boxes. Believe me, as somebody who has spent some time in the banking and legal sectors, I am very demanding when it comes to quality and reputation.


My next step was to apply for the programme as quickly as possible – I had only one week before the deadline. With my enthusiasm, drive and an absolute belief that this was the right programme, the application didn’t take too long.

Soon I was invited for an interview. After an hour long conversation with the career advisor, the last step was complete. After the interview time slowed down for me, every minute waiting felt like an hour and an hour felt like a day, but it was worth it when an email appeared in my inbox. “We are delighted to offer you…”, the email started. A total freeze took over my body for the next 10 minutes. The world around me stopped spinning and I simply enjoyed the moment!

This was not the last “body freeze” I have had, the offer to the Global Online MBA was just the beginning…

To be continued…