I was one of the four Full-Time MBA students selected to represent the Business School for the fourth Bocconi International Finance Competition in Milan from 20th April to 21st April, 2018.

The goal of this competition is to bring together top MBA students from across the globe and to offer them the opportunity to network, enhance presentation skills and solve a real business case developed by one of the sponsored companies.

The business case was to develop a business plan for a spin-off of an Italian Utility company. We were tasked with determining five-year exit options, including company valuations, and prepare a compelling presentation to a board of directors aimed at obtaining an endorsement for the business plan and necessary investments.

The competition consisted of two parts – in part A, we presented our business plan in a PowerPoint deck and sent it to the Competition Committee on 19th April, a day before the competition. Part B was to work on plausible existing strategies on the day of the competition and then we presented our recommendation to a panel of judges.

Although at the end we did not manage to bring the trophy home, the whole competition was a wonderful experience for me. I learnt a lot on both professional and personal levels.

I worked with a team of very talented fellow Full-Time MBA students whom I did not have a chance to work with before. I had the chance to apply classroom theories to a real business case and to polish my presentation skills.

It was also a great opportunity to meet and network with MBA students from other top business schools. All these experiences have also prepared me for the internship I am about to start as an M&A summer associate in investment banking.

I am particularly grateful for the very generous financial support we received from the Business School, without which we would not have been able to make it to Milan.

Participating in competitions is a tremendously valuable experience to business students, and this is definitely one of the wonderful highlights in my MBA journey.