When you choose to do a Master’s degree at Imperial College Business School, be aware that group work assignments are part of your assessment. They are a must do! Therefore, engage with your group to take the best out of it. Regardless if you have experience, at the Business School you are prepared for it, since Day 1. It is all about Team Building!

The school provides a variety of activities that help you break the ice and get to know people. So, there is nothing to be worried about!
Teams are created at the start of each term and, along with it, new activities are given to help you connect with people from a variety of backgrounds.

We built a tower with a limited amount of spaghetti, glue and cord. The aim was to build the highest and stable tower. In a different lecture, we created a nest with straws and tape, in order to be able to hold a fresh egg from a 3m height. Both activities had insights from each member which required coordination, communication and team effectiveness. Exactly what you need to improve team building.

Last week, the MSc International Health Management went to the Escape Room to have some fun. Goals of surviving the task aside, the most important was the enjoyable and entertaining time all together! In this particular event, you are divided into your syndicate groups/teams and you enter a room full of codes that you need to work out, in order to come out “alive”. Basically, you feel like a little spy from a secret agency!

This post is to give you an example of what you might experience here. It is not only about studying and preparing for your finals. When you perform in a team, you are able to study in group, to discuss relevant topics and to create reports, posters, videos or presentations, as if you were in the field.
At the Business School, you will obtain the knowledge that will lead you to achieve your dream job but as well the tools and experience that will lead you to succeed. Whatever the company you decided to join, the reality is that you will work in, and with a team.  So, take the most out of the opportunities given to you during your time here. But, remember, study hard and have fun!

Maria is currently studying our MSc International Health Management programme