Entering Google right after my MSc Strategic Marketing was a dream. A dream that turned out to be true as I was finishing my Summer Project at Imperial College Business School.

Associate Account Strategist at Google

Adrian Masson, MSc Strategic Marketing 2016-17.

I started working at Google in August as an Associate Account Strategist in Global Customer Experience. Our team specialises in implementing and developing the marketing strategies of large digital agencies with Google Marketing Solutions. The role requires in-depth knowledge of Google AdWords, Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics, but also a deep understanding of Marketing Analytics and Consumer Behaviour. I’m part of the French-speaking team split between Wrocław (Poland) and Dublin (Ireland), focusing on French agencies with the largest AdWords portfolios.

My role has the characteristic of letting me spend 50% of my time developing an independent project of my choice aiming at improving the team’s efficiencies or improving customer satisfaction. An ideal opportunity to apply the 3Es of Brand Admiration (taken from this book co-authored by Professor Andreas Eisingerich who lectures on the programme: enabling benefits, enticing benefits, enriching benefits) and approach the issue from a Quantitative Service Marketing point of view. As a project, I’m also organising weekly webinars for French-speaking agencies to expand their product knowledge and optimise their AdWords campaigns. The project also entails social media community management skills as I manage reactions across YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Overall, Imperial College Business School truly prepared me for the role with empowering real world team projects, such as developing an international expansion plan for a high potential mobile application based in London. I employ consultancy skills and relationship marketing principles with every client interaction. 

My path to Google

A major step towards Google happened during our Marketing Analytics core module taught by Marialena Zinopoulou. We were asked to crunch vast amounts of data to derive marketing insights. The module turned out to be one of my favourites, so I decided to go further with other highly motivated students Elodie Harris, Sharon Sossover, Sophie Shuhong Li, Xixi Li to participate in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

With the $250 AdWords advertising budget provided by Google, we designed a marketing strategy to help The Shelo Foundation raise brand awareness and increase donations with Marialena as our coach. After several months of work and intense weeks of live competition on Google AdWords, our 18-day campaign generated 1277 clicks and 34 conversions (reaching CTR of 1.74% and CVR of 2.13 over the last five days of the campaign). Thanks to the four campaigns we organised with synergetic impact along the marketing funnel, we were rewarded with a certificate of strong performers signed by Lorraine Twohill, Head of Marketing Worldwide at Google. But it was our diversified profiles and nationalities that enabled us to rank first in the United Kingdom.

This was a key experience to understand and apply our learnings in digital marketing, and it was a lot of fun working with the extraordinary people studying at Imperial College Business School. If you would like to learn more about my experience at Imperial College Business School and advice on becoming a Googler, please don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn.