Authentic Entrepreneurship

“My purpose of doing business is not confined to financial gains. I believe there is a higher purpose I must fulfill as my karma, by making an enduring impact to society. Business is service to society, and the prosperity of any business will be in proportion to the value delivered to society.” G.M. Rao – Founder of GMR Group

I’ve always believed that business and spirituality do not mix. Growing up, I always thought of business as being solely a product of the ego – a means by which to manipulate and make money off people. It wasn’t until last year that my perception of business and entrepreneurship was completely revolutionized, when I came across a perspective that merged the two seemingly opposing practices.

“The most powerful force is business is love,” I declared in my personal statement for the MSc Management course, a quote I purposely and intently repeated during the subsequent Skype interview. I knew I was taking a risk coming up strong with such an uncommon perspective to business, but I had to be authentic. In fact, authenticity, I’ve found to be the ingredient required to merge business and spirituality, to create what I like to call Authentic Entrepreneurship.

The idea of love being the most powerful force in business is twofold. Firstly, it goes on to suggest that, only when we are authentically in love and passionate about our business, can we come up with a strong vision and strategy that will drive it to success. Secondly, this premise touches on our authentic nature as loving beings, and our need to extend our love-liness out to the world. In this respect, Authentic Entrepreneurship goes beyond profit-making. It is rooted in our passion for business, as well as the desire to use business for the purpose of making a valuable contribution to society.

Vision, Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility – These are three terms we’ve been bombarded with since the beginning of the course. Although the focus on vision and strategy as fundamental aspects to success is widespread, it is Corporate Social Responsibility that makes all the difference. The addition of CSR to the criteria and formula for success ensures that an organisation, not only takes responsibility for its actions, but actively seeks to make a positive impact to society. With a keen focus on social benefits, and love breeding the ideal vision and strategy required for success, this three-word trilogy captures, in my opinion, the essence of Authentic Entrepreneurship.

What makes my time at Imperial College Business School so enjoyable is knowing that I’m part of a department which, not only resonates with, but also enhances my personal perspective on entrepreneurship. Having this support encourages me to stay true to myself, and provides me with the tools I need to build on my personal ideas, and ultimately become, an Authentic Entrepreneur.

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