Basecamp 2030 – ‘Marketing and Creativity in the Millennial Era’ hosted by the start-up ‘They Don’t Love You Ltd’, marks the company’s first ever public event. The company and online platform was created by one of our very own alumni, who graduated from the MSc Strategic Marketing programme a few years back. The start-up business started from a simple idea that blossomed into a true passion. The aim of ‘They Don’t Love You’ was to create an informative and friendly environment for marketing enthusiasts to read, share and comment on the latest marketing trends and news.

The Basecamp 2030 event took place in March, welcoming its doors to students, professionals and the general public. It was an evening filled with insightful and relevant marketing information, discussions and advice, all presented by professional guest speakers. From small start-ups to huge global companies, the guest speakers represented corporations, including Post Collective, Quantcast, Medicom, Makers Academy, Apple and GE. The aim of the event was to explore how tech-savvy and hyper-connected Millennials are currently – and will continue to be – as they disrupt the industry and force businesses to adapt to new ways. The event was filled with inustry connoisseurs, marketing professionals and students, who were all gathered together to share their same interest in marketing.

The guest speakers were there to share with us some valuable advice for aspiring marketers and those who had interest in the impacts of Millennials on our business-world of today. One of the speakers, Mediacom’s Chris Twining stated, “Don’t worry about making mistakes – it’s the only way you’re going to learn”. These are some strong words of encouragement for young soon-to-be marketers who have the ambition of developing a start-up company.

Post Collective’s Ferdinand Prinz also shared with us his learnings from the professional world, saying, “The start-up life is all about failing”. This could not be more relevant, as it is true that businesses succeed by learning from their prior mistakes. Failing is not a downfall; it’s just a push towards the right direction.

As a current MSc Strategic Marketing student myself, I must say that attending events like these gives you more awareness on the industry than any online publication or book. It is a great opportunity for students to hear the real-deal, from real people working in the industry. It is also equally aspiring to hear from experienced professionals and get the chance to follow in the footsteps of former Imperial alumni, who built this start-up from scratch.

Being given the chance to have direct contact with some of the professionals was truly inspiring and motivational for the audience, especially the students who will soon be applying for jobs. It was very refreshing to hear from relatively young speakers who know what it’s like to be in our shoes, as students, in doubt of what is yet to come.

Thais is studying MSc Strategic Marketing