Before joining the MSc Strategic Marketing course at Imperial College Business School, one of my biggest concerns was the vast amount of teamwork that I would have to do.

Let’s face it… we’ve all done teamwork before and most of the time it is something that most students fear, simply because there are usually one or more individuals not pulling their weight within the group.

Since last year, my perception has changed completely. I have never disliked group work, but it just wasn’t on my Favorite’s list and I knew it would be more exhausting than individual work. Two terms and more than 7 group work-based reports have passed and I have come to like group work a great deal. Working effectively with like-minded people is so much more fun and less exhausting than individual work! In both my groups we managed group work effectively and made it work by applying simple rules:

  • Set goals on performance from the beginning
  • Organise your schedules and meetings in advance
  • And most importantly, make group meetings fun!!

The third point is what made my experience of group work so enjoyable. My groups were very diverse and so it was interesting to not only learn their backgrounds but also to find out more about habits and cultures. To do so we went to restaurants of the respective team-members’ countries, including Chinese, Russian, German, Indian and Greek.


Greek Coffee at Carpo, Knightsbridge


Russian dinner at Mari Vanna, Knightsbridge


German dinner at Bierschenke, Liverpool Street


Chinese Peking Duck dinner at Zen China, Southbank


By experiencing each others’ culture and habits through food and conversation, we got to know each other on a more personal level and not only through university group meetings. We connected on something all of us loved: Food, but more importantly, we became friends, which made our group meetings much more effective and enjoyable. Even though we have changed groups again, we still meet up and enjoy each others company (mainly over food).

So, group work should not be all work but also some fun in order to get along with the other group members and produce good results, as well as gaining valuable team-working skills.