Denmark consistently ranks as the second most innovative country in the European Union by the European Commission’s (EC) Innovation Union Scoreboard. Much of what we learn on the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme is in line with new and innovative thinking which can be very useful for doing business in Denmark, as the country’s innovation profile is highly attractive and suitable for our interest.

Denmark has a very stable political situation and effective macroeconomic policies that have attracted investors from all over the world. The flexible labour market and favourable business environment makes doing business easier for investors and entrepreneurs. The high standard of living together with being one of the happiest nations in the world (World Happiness Report) makes Denmark a great place to consider for business, tourism or any other engagement.

I wanted to find out more about Denmark and what developments are taking place. For this, I visited The Danish-UK Association (DKUK) at the Embassy of Denmark, London. The DKUK connects Denmark and the UK in terms of business, culture, and society by creating a powerful network of members who strive for Danish-UK opportunities. During my visit, I was kindly shown some of the architectural features of the Embassy, which was designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. I learned that Denmark is a very welcoming place that has many opportunities, with the energy sector being a key area, especially in the London community.

To explore this sector further, I went to the DKUK energy trade conference at the Ince & Co office in Whitechapel, London. The event came with an excellent view of London from the top of Aldgate Tower. Centrica and Ørsted, two major energy companies were present as well as government officials representing the UK and Denmark.

During the event, it was clear that Nordic energy businesses are looking for projects and partnerships in the United Kingdom. Clean growth and energy transformation are seen as necessary in the near future. This ambition has a challenge as the energy infrastructure will need to undergo substantial development to achieve the goals set out by the government. The UK is investing in strategies for green energy and is making it clear that it is open for business and ready to embrace innovation and work with Denmark to deliver on this ambition, as was reaffirmed by George Hollingbery, Minister of State for Trade Policy of the Department for International Trade.

As an outcome, it became clear that Denmark and the UK have a strong will to work together to achieve innovation. From this alone, those at Imperial can benefit greatly by working with Danish businesses and organisations on entrepreneurial projects, especially those that involve new innovative solutions. The DKUK will be a great place to start for anyone wanting to pursue such ventures and are working to help young professionals by starting to create working groups.