One of the strongest benefits of doing an MBA is challenging your existing knowledge and experience and breaking through into new areas. Which is very exciting and challenging, too! If, like me, for example, you have marketing communications background, chances that you are also genius in micro- and macroeconomics and accounting are pretty similar to the chances of a heatwave hitting Scotland in December.

Luckily, the other strong advantage of doing an MBA – and in this case – specifically at Imperial College Business School – is that students get access to the best teaching talent in the industry – just like Professor in Economics James Sefton – whose lectures on Finance are not only insightful but also exciting and inspiring to dig in further and learn more.

Here’s one of the interactive pieces of the course that we studied today.

‘Small print’ notice: the video does not replace James Sefton’s lectures which are just as brilliant as well as study books and course reading materials. 🙂