Before my first day at Imperial, I was full of expectations for how my life at Imperial and in London would be. As a Norwegian who had done my bachelors in Copenhagen, I was certain that choosing a Master’s in London and at Imperial would entail a more diverse student body than what I had experienced earlier. Having grown up in different continents and had a mother who is a New Zealander, I truly believe that being surrounded by people from various backgrounds helps in developing a better understanding and appreciation for different people and cultures. Within my first day in the MSc Economics and Strategy for Business programme, I met students from all over the world and knew that I would be experiencing the diversity that I had been looking for.

Prior to the first day I was also anticipating a high amount of intellectual development and being in a class where the students would be active and motivated. This had been one of the reasons for my choosing my bachelors degree in Copenhagen, and I highly enjoyed being in a challenging academic environment with an active student body. I was astonished to see initiatives taken not only socially, but also academically. The students are active participants in the classes, as well as planning social events where everyone is welcome to join (and most of the students do!). This was extremely satisfying for me, as one is always worried about how the class will interact when starting somewhere new.

The academic quality was also very important for me when choosing Imperial. I was well aware of the international reputation of the school itself, but having experienced lectures at universities in both Europe and the US, I was not sure how the structures of the courses and lectures would suit me in reality. My experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. We have opportunities throughout the courses to self-evaluate our progress through both obligatory and non-obligatory exercises, something, which I often missed in my previous university. Additionally, we have received lecture notes to each class and most lectures are filmed, which is incredibly helpful when studying for exams or if you want to dive deeper into a topic covered in class.

Of course, a factor in choosing Imperial and this programme, for me, was the location. Being situated centrally in London allows for being in the middle of one of the most exciting cities in the world. The possibilities of things to do are endless, both on and off campus. In one week you can sample food from all over the world, attend world-class performances, experience inspiring exhibitions at museums, and, of course, shop and party at some of the most exciting venues in the world. Every day waking up in London is full of new opportunities.

I am extremely happy with my choice of programme and school. The students, academic level, school, and city itself have all ensured that my first month in London has exceeded all of my expectations.

Sofie is studying our MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme.