My name is Rebecca and I am 21 years old. I have recently started my first term at Imperial College Business School studying MSc Strategic Marketing. I studied for my BSc Business Management at Queen Mary University of London.

RK Strategic Marketing

My MSc Strategic Marketing syndicate group and I.
Left to right: Feiying Ni (China), Rebecca Kriegbaum (Germany), Rose Abu Dabat (Jordan), Ridhi Gupta (India), Shane O’Rourke (Ireland), Man Ting Christine Tsai (Hong Kong)

During my final year as an undergraduate student, the question on what to do next was a difficult one to answer. Not knowing what the future holds is a daunting thought. The decision to apply for a Masters degree came with my desire to deepen my knowledge in marketing in all aspects.

The reasons for choosing Imperial College Business School were clear to me from the beginning. Of course Imperial College London is well known in all parts of the world for recruiting only the best and the thought of being part of such a community was exciting. Secondly Imperial College London is at the forefront of technology and innovation, teaching with and about the latest technology. I see this as very important for my future career.

Even though I was already used to living in London, coming to the Business School seemed like a big change. Having lived in the vibrant and hipster east end of London, Shoreditch, for the past 3 years, moving to the chic southwest area I was in for a change. Having just turned 21 and thus being one of the younger Master’s students, I was also not sure what to expect from firstly my fellow course mates and secondly the demands of the course in terms of time and knowledge.

Now, one month into the course I can say that choosing Imperial College has been the best decision I could have made for my future. Academic excellence was evident from the first lecture on. The diversity in my cohort is incredible and it has been an amazing opportunity and pleasure to meet people with different stories and from different backgrounds.

With 11 months ahead, I cannot wait to see what more Imperial College Business School has to add to my exciting journey.

Rebecca is studying our MSc Strategic Marketing programme.