Last Wednesday, several months of hard work finally culminated when it was time for the conference “Big Data – Destination Unknown?” to take place. The day and the conference was a great success, and it marked the official start of student-led conferences at Imperial College Business School.

Big Data - Destination UnknownEnticed by the general theme of the conference (“The Fusion of Business and Technology”), we in the organising committee came together for the first time in late January. Since then, we’ve all been working hard to ensure that this first student-led conference at the Business School would live up to the high standards at Imperial. As a diverse group from across the Business School, we all worked in different smaller teams focusing on bringing the best speakers together, create a great programme, and make sure that people knew that the conference was taking place. With the help from students and staff around the College, it was also clear that “Big Data” was something that sparked a lot of interest and it was therefore decided as the topic of this year’s conference.

During the day, we got to hear speakers from different industries and companies, for example from McKinsey, IBM Watson, and Coinsilium to only mention a few. There was a lot of discussion about how the power of Big Data could be harvested and its different applications in different industries. Through KPMG Data Observatorydifferent workshops, these discussions became of a more practical nature. And at the end of the day, we were also leading tours to the KPMG Data Observatory, which is a part of the Data Science Institute at Imperial. In the observatory, there are 64 HD screens that are used for visualising and analysing different kinds of Big Data and it is quite an amazing thing to witness. This rounded up a day that was very well received by both attendees and speakers, and as a part of the organising committee, I feel very proud of what we have achieved. Because despite that we were all working within different teams with responsibility for different things, we all came together during the day to ensure that everything went smoothly.

The best thing for me with organising the conference was not only that it was a very interesting topic and a great experience, but especially that I got to meet a lot of fantastic people from other programmes within the Business School. There are many opportunities for doing this, but it is quite easy to get a bit too comfortable and mostly hang out with people from your own programme. I believe that getting yourself involved in something (a conference, career club etc.) gives you a great opportunity to meet with brilliant people with different skills, experiences and backgrounds. This is one of the true benefits of being part of a top ranked Business School at a top ranked university. 


Viktor is studying our MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme.