In February, the international football challenge tournament organised by Alliance Manchester Business School took place in Manchester. Eight teams from business schools across Europe, including IE Business School, Warwick Business School and more battled it out during the two-day tournament.

The Imperial Full-Time MBA team was made of myself Ayoub Abi Rafeh, Jason Bystry, Orestis Dounias, Sebastian Farfan, Cem Matur, Brain McCormack, Diego Rodriguez, Mike Stewart and Andrew Sutherland.

The tournament kicked off with a welcome reception and breakfast on Saturday morning. This was followed by group stage games, where each team played seven games. Imperial had great results by winning three games, two of which with a margin of four goals, drawing two games and losing two. This resulted in Imperial ranking third between the eight teams and heading to the semi-finals to face Warwick.

The semi-final game was intense, but we scored early and went on to beat Warwick 6-0 and claim the third spot with style. Imperial also received the top scorer award of the tournament, won by Brain McCormack for scoring six goals.

The tournament also included several networking activities, and one big hotel party at the Hotel Football, right outside the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester. Several classmates accompanied the football team to spend a weekend in Manchester and discover the beautiful city.

Overall, the weekend was full of fun and sports. It was a great experience to network with other schools and bond with my classmates.