For some us term has already started, for others it is just a few weeks away. No matter what programme we’re pursuing this term, we all have one thing in common; we are embarking on a new and exciting journey that is life as an Imperial student.

I must say that, as depressing as it is for summer to be coming to an end, at least there’s something new to look forward to. It is time to throw away all that clutter and get organized, prioritized and ready for this new chapter. We all know that overwhelming feeling of stepping out of our comfort zones, whether it is; making new friends, finding a new home or even learning something new in class. The key is to keep calm and take a step at a time, even if they are really small steps.

I will be moving to London this weekend, my 15 boxes and me. Slowly, but surely I am mentally preparing for the changes that are to come. So many thoughts and expectations are running through my head- Will I enjoy London ? Will I enjoy Imperial ? Will I be able to handle it ? Will this experience add value to my future ? I am sure I am not alone when processing these thoughts. The truth is, I will need to live it through and find out, but I know that if you are lucky enough to have been given the chance to study at such a prestigious school and live in such a culturally diverse city, then the rest is up to you, and I decide that the answer is YES.

After exploring the online platform that the school provides us with in order to complete the pre-study modules, I felt a stronger sense of confidence and belonging towards the programme and the school. We are given the chance to interact online with some of the future students that will be doing the same programmes as us. I must say I have never interacted with such a diverse group of people. It has been an incredible experience so far preparing for the start of the term, therefore I can only imagine how enriching this up coming experience will be studying at Imperial.

Thais will be studying MSc Strategic Marketing from October 2016