It has now been 2 months since I met my fellow classmates… why does it feel like I have known them much longer? Well, when surrounded by like-minded inspiring individuals of the same age group, I guess you do have a lot to bond over; but that’s not all. As cliché as this might sound, attending Imperial and living in London does allow you to, as they say, ‘find yourself’.

For starters, you’ve got your cohort; a group of people all aspiring to lead the world into a better future and establish their own businesses – some of whom have already embarked onto that path. A chat with any of my classmates is an exposure to the vast array of opportunities that lie out there. You get the chance to ask yourself questions like, “Would I enjoy working in that field?” and “Did I just discover a new interest of mine?”

MSc IEM 2016/2017

Next, you’ve got Imperial. From Personal Branding workshops, to incubator/hub visits, to multiple accelerator programs and competitions, to professional development sessions, exclusive career services, and many more. You’ve got the tools and services to explore and develop any idea that comes to mind – so how could you not take advantage of that?

And of course, you’ve got the modules. You’re required to tap into your creativity and unveil hidden skills, setting you on the path of discovering your true capabilities and passion.

Last but definitely not least is London. Not only was it ranked second for Innovation and Entrepreneurship worldwide, but it also is the city for arts, music, theatres, museums, festivals and other entertainment. London’s creative, cultural, and technology landscape is an exposure anyone would wish for. As they say, if you’re fed up with London, you’re fed up with life.

To sum up, exploit your surrounding! Exploit the opportunities, adventures and challenges, and set yourself on the path to ‘finding yourself’.

Leen is currently studying MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management