As cliché as it may sound, it really feels like I got my acceptance to Imperial College just yesterday. When I initially decided to go back to school for my Master’s degree after being in the workforce for almost two years, I wasn’t sure on which path to take. However, after being at Imperial for the past two months, I’m so glad I made it here.

So what have I been up to so far? For starters, the first two weeks of our induction for the MSc Management programme was dedicated to a variety of professional and academic development topics. My favorite out of them was the fun and insightful personal branding workshop we had with leading industry expert, Joseph Liu. In addition, there have been a plethora of career events where I’ve gotten to interact and network with professionals from global companies across different industries. So let’s just say I’ve had many platforms to put that personal branding workshop to good use.

 20160921_144859Career Fair

img-20161020-wa0009UBS Networking Breakfast with the Imperial Women in Business Club

Refusing to be overshadowed, schoolwork has been centre stage ever since classes began in the 3rd week of September. I’m not sure where the time has gone but we’ve already completed our first three modules and are already on to the last three for this semester. I think that if you were to ask the MSc Management class to describe our coursework we’ll say without cue, group work! One of the biggest we’ve worked on so far has been for our Global Operations and Projects module. For this, we had to choose any existing project and analyse it using frameworks from our coursework, design a poster on it and present it in the business school atrium. My team, the best one if you ask my unbiased self, worked on the world’s biggest re-afforestation project so far; The Great Green Wall of China.

20161021_1705240 The best team

img-20161021-wa0000Our Poster

Luckily, we’ve also had some downtime to unwind from all the hard work we’ve been up to. Two weeks ago, we had an awesome reception for the Business School at the Natural History Museum. Yeah you read that right, I bet you haven’t partied with dinosaurs like we have!

fb_img_1477608487400Night at the Museum

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The Monday afterwards, the MSc Management also had a special Halloween party at the Union bar which was so much fun with many amazing costumes. One of the things I love about my programme is how global it is, as it has students coming in from over 40 countries! As such, these opportunities to mingle and unwind with them is always welcome.

Overall, it’s been an awesome, well rounded experience so far. I have no doubt that I’ll be thoroughly challenged but hey I asked for opportunities to grow right?  I hope you’ll stay tuned for my blog posts as I take you along with me this year!