I guess that after receiving your offer, a lot of you are thinking where you should live for your amazing year in London. I came across the same trouble spending hours on the internet and trying to look for the best accommodation. In the end, I chose to stay in GradPad, which is a postgraduate student accommodation, because one of my friends who is an alumnus recommended to stay there based on his own experience.

The best part about GradPad is that a lot of your classmates and Imperial friends are living in the same building together with you. To be honest, a few of my closest friends in Imperial live in GradPad with me. You can cook, go to school, take the shuttle, play pingpong, study, do assignments and chill together. When you are stressed about finding an internship or not catching up in class, your friends are always there to help you with it.

The common room in GradPad is a good place for everyone to gather after dinner. Even though you all only meet up for one hour every night or on Sunday, it is a great bonding time. I really love my Woodlane classmates in GradPad. They are all like family to me 🙂 I am sure that after ten years, I will still be glad that I made this decision.

Daily cooking:
One of my most favourite activities is cooking together. Ever since I came to London, I started cooking for myself everyday because I miss the food in Hong Kong so much.

Food is always the best thing to bring everyone together. The more people, the merrier. We often spend time talking about funny things after dinner (take a look at all the yummy food that we cooked together). One time, we spent the whole night looking at WikiHow and laughing together. These are really good memories.

Social gathering:
The common room is a really good place to gather more people together, especially for birthday parties and festival parties. We held a Christmas party where everyone brought food from their own country, tasted specialties all around the world and exchanged gifts for Secret Santa. When it came to our friend’s birthday, we also held surprise birthday party in the common room and had a really great evening with our classmates together.

Since I always wants to make my own room feel like home, I spent a lot of time and effort decorating it. I painted my own art pieces and made them as decorations for my room. So that every time when I get back home after a long day in school, I will first see my paintings and feel blessed. I also decorated my room with Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree and a world map showing all the places that I have been to since I am passionate about travelling as well.

However, GradPad is a little journey away from the school. With the same rent price, you can get a location that is closer to school. As a daily commuter, sometimes you can get stuck at Notting Hill Gate Station when we want to change from the Central line to the Circle line back to South Kensington station. However, time always passes by very quickly when you have a company to moan about the tube system with and talk about life. So no worries 🙂