Investment & Wealth Management Class 2016-17

I have been studying  MSc Investment & Wealth Management for almost five months, since last September. I am impressed by how much this programme has helped me grow both academically and interpersonally. I would attribute the progress to the amazing design of this programme.

In fact, the programme team allocates each student a study team at the start of the term and you then work with this team for all your first term coursework. To be honest, I was worried about this idea before I met my teammates and was wondering what I would do if we didn’t get along. It turns out that the allocation of the team was carefully designed so that every group member is from different backgrounds so that the diversity will allow everyone a fantastic opportunity to learn from each other. Specifically, I am from an accountancy and finance background while my three teammates are from economics, information system and engineering, respectively. I benefit from this combination a lot as my computational skills improved largely through the process of working with my lovely teammates. Before I enrolled on this programme, if you told me I would be able to do Matlab coding and Latex report writing fluently one day, I would never have believed you. However, my teammates are so supportive and make my learning process into so enjoyable. I can still clearly remember the first time I finished Latex report writing independently, my teammate and also my friend Christoph told me he was very proud of me because I was able to learn to code so quickly. That moment will always be one of my favourite memories.

This programme has not only helped me to improve academically, but also gave me the best opportunity to make amazing friends for the life. Last semester, I was fortunate enough to make lots of friends from different background. The cohort are all very smart and hardworking people, but at the same time they are also people who are great friends. I always believe that the environment and cohort are very important for personal growth and the Imperial College Business School community has helped me to take full advantage of all opportunities for personal development.

Shangqi is studying our MSc Investment & Wealth Management programme.