Most of you would know that as part of the MSc Finance programme we get to have an international experience, which means A TRIP ABROAD!

This is possibly the most anticipated event of the year (even as a social leader of the cohort having numerous opportunities to organise and attend different events, I was still very excited about this trip). Though getting up at 4 am on a Friday morning to go to Gatwick was definitely not the part that I was looking forward to, however, the trip itself definitely made up for the pain.

MSc Finance cohort in Dublin

The first event we had after we arrived in Dublin was to listen to a panel of speakers, including the Head of Innovation at the Bank of Ireland – David Tighe. David gave us great insights of his views on innovation, how the industry is evolving, opportunities that are available, and also what Dublin has to offer in terms of innovation

MSc FinanceDublin trip meal

This view to dine in though…

Guinness in Dublin

Guinness in Dublin is obligatory right?


After lunch, we were separated into two groups to visit either the Bank of Ireland or the Citigroup Office. I was allocated to go to the Bank of Ireland where we got a macroeconomic analysis in terms of a global perspective, and more interestingly, what the recent political events mean to an Irish bank. To top off the day, we went to a restaurant that was converted from a church. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant and we even got to enjoy a few drinks with the programme coordinators. It was especially nice to talk to them in a non-academic setting. 

Liking the Facebook headquartersThe next day was probably the best part of the trip aside from the nightlife in Dublin – The Apprentice Challenge. I believe that I can say that we all got involved as if we were real candidates trying to impress Lord Sugar! The highlight of the challenge was definitely when my team stood outside of Facebook Headquarters and got 50 toothbrushes and 50 tubes of toothpaste from an employee there. That was for sure one of the major factors why we came 3rd in the overall challenge! We are so gutted that we didn’t manage to come first! The team who won did not only get to have lunch with Lara (our academic director) but also AN IMPERIAL UMBRELLA!



Tiffany is currently studying our MSc Finance programme.