UK, the second country outside Indonesia that I have ever visited. Previously, I had a chance to do one semester in Thailand during my undergraduate. Yup, both for studying purpose. Not a traveller, eh? More like no money, I was a broke student haha!

Soon after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I worked at  the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) for one and a half years before deciding to go back to school. In my undergraduate degree I majored in Financial Management and began to have interest in understanding more about economics in a context which could be seen as more applicable in the business world, rather than the theoretical one. After months of comparing top universities in the world and majors in accordance with my interests, I finally decided to apply for an MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School. I didn’t apply to any other universities but Imperial and I got an offer to study in the 2018-19 class!

I managed to be fully funded by the Indonesian Government (LPDP/Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education) to study at Imperial College Business School. Hooray!! Waiting for the intake to start in nine months seemed like waiting for years. Perhaps I was too excited? During the wait, I was still busy working at IDX, while searching for accommodation in London.

LPDP Scholarship recipients in The UK

FYI, looking for accommodation that fit the budget in central London is tricky, so you have to be very careful about using trusted websites. My suggestion is that you at least must do an online viewing if you don’t have a friend who stays in London to do direct viewing. Some of the sites I used to look for accommodation are: Imperial Home Solutions, SpareRoom, Right Move, Zoopla and many others. You can ask me directly about what price my accommodation is (P.S. it’s super cheap for the location), how far is it from the campus, and what the facilities are like. Who knows, it could be a benchmark for you.

Nine months passed, finally leaving the IDX for a moment. It was not easy to leave my family for a year, so it’s one of the toughest choices I’ve ever made in my life.

With the Imperial Indonesian Society

The programme

Studying at one of the top business schools in the world, I expected the programme to be hectic. And sure enough, it is. I have just finished two months of classes, yet there has been one graded final assignment for the Analytics for Applied Economics and Business module which weighs 50% of the grade. Also, I had never used STATA software for regression before, so this is a new thing for me. Lucky for me, the lecturers, teaching assistants and even the classmates are willing to guide me regarding the subject. Thus, I can do the final assessment smoothly. Thanks guys!

My MSc is the first time that I felt overwhelmed by the many companies that are on campus offering jobs. Almost every day, starting from the early weeks of entering Imperial, you can access career workshops, career events, office visits, and career consultations provided by the Careers team. Their services are so excellent! Careers are really helpful in guiding us to prepare our job applications, they even have software to score our CV in order to meet the standards. It was overwhelmingly helpful, and useful for the future!

Overall, my first two months here were so fun! London is a good place to study, you can study in the park, if you are bored you can walk to abundant tourist attractions and entertainment venues. I promise your study-and-life balance will be well maintained. Additionally, if you want to see my daily activities, you can check my Instagram, I always update my student life every day on Instastory, and you can also ask me through Direct Message regarding the programme and other related enquiries. For more professional media, you can connect to my LinkedIn. I like to write articles and share career-related information there as well.

See you on the next post!

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business (ESB) 2018-19 – Student Welcome Reception at Natural History Museum, London