Here comes your favourite dreamer, this time I’ll be sharing good news and some not too good information. Well, it is really difficult to describe the latter as bad news since, in this case, it ends in a good way. My second month at Imperial College Business School has been a very interesting and fruitful one, perhaps I must make it a duty to blog more often, the coursework though… very hectic. It also does not help that I’m trying to achieve a lot of my dreams this year, before I return to the workforce. A place where you’re typically placed in a box and expected to think out of the box, with absolutely no free time to do so.

Because I am in a good mood while typing this, I would start with the good news. First, I got elected as the Student Staff Committee (SSC) Chair for my MSc International Health Management (IHM) cohort, following an election for which we had to make a video pitch. Unfortunately, I left the video recording till the last minute and ended up with nobody to record me. Key lesson, don’t leave things till the last minute kids. Luckily, I took a wild gamble by recording a video, featuring a voice recording and an empty chair, which my cohort loved.


The Raahat team #GAP2015
(L-R: Debo Odulana, Carissa Gilbert, Sriya Bodapati & Chun-Wei Tsai )

I would like to use this medium to express my gratitude to my colleagues for giving me a great opportunity to represent them. So far, as Chair, I have met and shook hands with the shot callers at Imperial College Business School; the Dean, Associate Dean, members of the board of directors and many others. I also currently sit on the Staff Student committee at both the program and Business School levels as well as the health and safety committee. While this wasn’t a preconceived dream, I cannot hide my excitement. Win!!!

Beyond Business School networking

Beyond business networking, friends for a lifetime
(L-R: Top- Kostis Gougoulakis & Samantha Pinheiro, Bottom- Beatrix Wu & Debo Odulana)

 Secondly, I was part of a team that emerged as one of the winners on the Global Action on Poverty (#GAP2015) entrepreneurial business pitch competition. Team Raahat; Chun-Wei Tsai, Carissa Gilbert, Sriya Bodapati and I, presented a business idea, focused on creating cash flow channels into the rural areas, in India, which can be replicated in similar communities around the World. We definitely wowed the judges and enjoyed the constructive criticism which highlighted key issues we had not previously given much thought to. We look forward to making our dream, to eradicate World poverty by 2030, a reality and the GAP2015 summit in Gujarat, India where we would meet fellow Change-makers. I am very happy to add the title Change-maker to my portfolio and consider this a major Win!!!

Now to the not so good stuff. As an international student at the Business School; house hunting, culture shock, homesickness and realizing you have under budgeted for your year in London, amongst other issues, can give one the blues. It doesn’t also help that the weather starts to get so cold and the sun is shining for fewer hours daily. Consequently, I must confess to experiencing a few moments in which I questioned my decision to leave Nigeria. Fortunately, my program director, Dr. Benita Cox “Baggy”, has been such a wonderful mother figure to the entire MSc IHM cohort by always being available to listen and help whenever we call on her. Whatever the problem, be it personal or academic, Baggy’s doors are always open. I have also made some good friends, especially the exceptionally caring Beatrix Wu, a fellow student on my Master’s program. Believe it or not, knowing you have people you can lean on, when the blues come for you, does a great deal. I guess defeating the blues is another major Win!!!

As per my numerous dreams, I must say my winning streak at ICBS in November has boosted my confidence and convinced me that God willingly, I can achieve whatever I want to achieve.

Debo is studying our MSc International Health Management programme.