They say change is great, and I agree. Unless by ‘change’ one actually means coins and notes. Which I never seem to have with me, and therefore have to waste the precious time queueing up to an ATM. The great news is – I, just like all 20,000 students at South Kensington campus at Imperial College, can now pay with Yoyo – a mobile payment app that also collects your coffee points automatically within the app – that launched at SAF cafe at the end of last year and rolled out within the entire Imperial College in South Ken a week ago.

Yoyo app poster

Yoyo makes it clear – no cash, just Yoyo

Taking Imperial College by storm, the app is now accepted pretty much everywhere across campus – including my personal favourite spots: h-bar (that has the best salads and where after 5 pm you can grab a beer or a glass of wine), Senior Room (that always has an amazing selection of healthy meals), Business School cafe (which provides my daily supply of black Americano, Earl Grey tea and Greek yoghurt with granola and nuts), Fuel salad bar (with smoothies to die for, mash and pie, soup and great salad bar) by Junior Room, Library cafe and many many more. No need to carry cash or paper loyalty – as the coffee points are collected automatically, you get a free coffee quicker – and moreover – can share it with a friend instead of spending it on yourself.

Yoyo app, that is free to download and use and is available in AppStore and Google Play, connects with one’s bank account via direct debit, so that one can set-up an automatic top-ups or alternatively top-up as you go with one click. It’s an actual illustration to the phrase ‘The Future Is Here’. In fact, Yoyo team is here at Imperial College for the New Year Fair. It’s quite easy to spot them – just look out for the white hoodies with cheeky message on the back.

Yoyo Ambassador