When did you last spent your lunch immersing yourself in Strauss or Tchaikovsky music? Performed beautifully by very talented musicians. In a beautiful classic venue. (Hopefully, you didn’t actually EAT your lunch there – otherwise, get some manners!:) ) If you didn’t – it’s just about time.

What it takes is to get a break from studies and head to Royal College of Music that is conveniently located around the corner from Imperial College Business School. And there you are – sneaking into a gorgeous venue where the beauty of the music act is taking place. You will embrace the ambience of a live classic concert, a movie and a reality show all in one: you listen to the performance, observe an outstanding team work in the orchestra (which is an impressive job) and dynamics of the relationship between the orchestra and the conductor during the performance.

Royal College of Music rehersals

Royal College of Music rehearsals

Attending the lunchtime performances at Imperial College is easy – as long as you check the events agenda, come at the right time, behave quietly and love music. I have to warn you, that you might really love it. In that case – check the calendar for further events – many of them are free which doesn’t really give you any reason to excuse yourself from this outstanding experience. Enjoy!