My favourite module this term in MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management has been Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a regular course about HR but it goes more into human psychology at the workplace, which is very interesting. We analysed it from the individual, the team and the organisational level, covering all areas that make up organisations and their behaviour.

It was my favourite module because I was able to learn a lot about myself. We discovered our personality traits, learnt about Emotional Intelligence, how we can individually improve on it and how that can help in relationships with other people around us. Whether that is at the workplace or not. We also learnt about team behaviour and how to best make teams work, which was good for practical improvements in our own teams and to increase productivity for our group projects.

Overall, I thought it was very interesting to see how people’s personality differences can affect their motivation, team behaviour and even corporate cultures. It made me realise that being a good manager does not only rely on getting tasks done, but requires an increased understanding of your employees, their personalities and motivations.

The coursework for this module is to create a five minute video and a report for a manager. The video is meant to be creative and fun, making it an enjoyable piece of coursework. The readings are easy to grasp, interesting and very helpful in enhancing your understanding of the material covered. Sankalp, the professor for this module, is very inspiring, engaging and fun. His lectures are structured well and his build-in revision of previous classes helps to understand and remember the content for the exam. He uses great videos, such as “who moved my cheese”to teach you the required business knowledge but also real life lessons. It really is worth it! 

At the end of the last class, the whole cohort gave a standing ovation to Sankalp! It really was an amazing module!