I am Farrah Wong from MSc Economics & Strategy for Business. Since this is my first blog, I want to talk about the fun part of studying at Imperial – travelling. Apart from our intensive studies and job hunting, I also spent time travelling in Europe during the reading week and the weekend. Because I always hold a belief that travelling allows you to become a better person through real-life experience and conversation with people from different cultural backgrounds.

During the reading week in our first summer semester, two of my coursemates and I went to Southern France (Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion, Toulouse and Archon) to explore the French culture. The best things about France that you should never miss are food and wine. Visiting few wineries, learning how to drink wine and eating traditional French food were good way of experiencing French culture. It was the first time that I tried sweet wine in my life. And of course, we needed to blend into the local culture by buying bottles of beers and chilling along the river while the sun went down slowly to the river with the pink colour of sky.

Since I am learning French in Imperial as well, I am deeply in love with French culture. I decided to go to Paris for a weekend trip and have a get-away from studying for a little bit.

Paris is a very different place than southern part of France. There is always a romantic charm about Paris. I was here last time during the summer. I found that the winter in Paris was quite depressing. But French food never stops disappointing me!

Times flies and it’s time to go back to Imperial for our normal day 🙂