Having returned from the Christmas break, which involved sun, slopes or far too much turkey, MSc Management and IEM students welcomed the new year with their annual talent show. About eighty of our friends, tutors and program coordinators came to support the students for an evening of music, dancing, singing and fun, keen to display their skills beyond analysing financial statements or developing marketing strategies. Even our accounting tutor, DJ Money, showed off his spinning skills and dropped some of the latest club hits as students welcomed the weekend last Friday.


Imperial Business School students indeed have tricks up their sleeves. Their musical talents are particularly notable, as a duo kicked off the evening by singing and playing a mashup of Abba’s greatest hits. Everyone sang (bellowed) along to a saxophone rendition of ‘Let It Go’ from the Disney hit, ‘Frozen’, as well as a cover of the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Where is the Love’, with singing and rapping accompanied by guitar and piano playing. As if the students couldn’t raise the bar further, some of our friends dared to do a cover of Busta Rhymes’s ‘Look At Me Now’ – yes, the fast part included – as well as a Kanye West and Jay-Z classic (you know the one). Needless to say, our crowd went mad.


The night continued with more acts including an Indian dance by ‘The Spicy Bunch’, which got the crowd dancing as soon as Punjabi MC blasted out of the speakers. A version of ‘We are the World’, complete with relatable re-written lyrics lamenting the trials and tribulations of job hunting and workloads, wrapped up the acts before everyone gathered on the dance floor to the sound of DJ Money’s beats. (Hip-Hop and R&B mixes are his areas of expertise – you heard it here first.)


The show was a great success and the ideal way for everyone to meet each other and catch up about their holiday antics. Some students nibbled on canapés, sipped on drinks or hovered near the chocolate fountain, whilst others showcased their hidden talents, performance abilities as well as their senses of humour in front of an extraordinarily supportive crowd. It was great fun – what more can I say?

Camille is studying our MSc Management programme.