At one point in our lives we have all dealt with working in teams. Some of us enjoy it, others dread it, but were all destined to work together eventually. I must admit that the first thought that pops into my head when being assigned groups is “oh no, here we go again”. So many expectations and fears come creeping up just thinking of the assignment given, and knowing that we must depend on others to get a good grade.
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During my first week at Imperial College Business School, we were assigned into small groups of 6 amongst our class members. These groups would be our teams for the upcoming term projects. Note- we are all complete strangers at this point, it was our first day of class and the maximum exchange we have had was a gentle shy smile. I was nervous, as I am sure a lot of other people were too, not knowing what to expect. I must say I have been very lucky so far for meshing so well with my team members, in class and out. Once you realize that these people rely on you and much as you rely on them to produce your work, then you are both on the same page and magic starts to happen. We can all relate to teamwork on some level, but incase you need that extra nudge towards the right direction, I have pin pointed 4 strategic tips to help cope and make the most of it teamwork:

1. Get to know each other – don’t be judgmental, go into the situation with an open mind and good intentions to bond with your team, it make all the difference and it definitely shows in the quality of your work.

2. Identify a common goal – make sure you are all focused on the task and know exactly what you want to achieve, this could be anything from meeting deadlines on time, to getting the best grade in your class.

3. Communicate – a major skill to have when working in groups is knowing how and when to reach out to your group members. It is extremely important to realize that listening is just as important as speaking out, this will help your group to be on the same wavelength.

4. Be a team player – you are all working towards the same objective and should be each other’s cheerleaders. Show support and understanding when it comes to group work; a united team always produces the most rewarding results.

Thais is currently studying MSc Strategic Marketing