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The internet is killing voter turnout

In areas with greater broadband proliferation, councils are cutting funds to social services and reducing tax rates Read more


Could Facebook and Google kill the news business?

Social media and search engines are having a big effect on how most people consume their news: more people are reading, but they’re reading less... Dr Catarina Sismeiro 30 October 2017

Let’s share our likes together: why novelty and diversity are the new keys to marketing

People tire of experiences quicker if they are shared with others. With social media meaning more of our experiences are shared, that raises some major questions for advertisers... Dr Rajesh Bhargave 30 October 2017

Don’t cramp my style! Why people are more creative on their own time

R&D departments take note: your researchers really are more creative when their managers aren't watching... Dr Paola Criscuolo, Dr Anne ter Wal 30 October 2017

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