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Can we build a culture of innovation in healthcare?

Dr Marisa Miraldo, Associate Professor in Health Economics at Imperial College Business School, discusses ways to accelerate... Read more


Why are managers throwing away their best innovations?

Dr Criscuolo discovers the key to ensuring a strong panel for assessing R&D cases, explaining the three factors to consider... Dr Paola Criscuolo | 28 February 2017

Cybersecurity: cornerstone of the digital economy

Dr Catherine Mulligan, Research Fellow, highlights effective and manageable cybersecurity in an age of cyber attacks.... Dr Catherine Mulligan | 27 February 2017

Artificial intelligence is changing the face of finance

Dr Marcin Kacperczyk, Professor of Finance, highlights the possibilities and challenges of AI technology in the finance industry.... Professor Marcin Kacperczyk | 27 February 2017

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Finance, Technology

Blockchain: a global supercomputer that only answers to code?

Dr. Andrei Kirilenko, Director of the Centre for Global Finance and Technology, highlights how object-oriented programming bypasses distrust.A blockchain is usually described as a distributed ledger: a database of records shared... Read more Dr Andrei Kirilenko | 6 June 2017

Can a ‘cue of the cloud’ improve sales?

Dr Rajesh Bhargave examines whether an in-store reminder of the Internet can influence retail purchases.... Read more Dr Rajesh Bhargave | 31 May 2017
Strategy & Leadership

The highest form of flattery? What imitation in the America’s Cup can teach business

Perched on the side of a racing yacht, Dr Jan-Michael Ross had a revelation. He’s been sailing since the age of five, and it struck him that there were clear... Read more Dr Jan-Michael Ross & Dr Dmitry Sharapov | 25 May 2017
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Why empathetic thinking is central to business success

Empathy is not weakness; it is strength, says Dr Ileana Stigliani, Assistant Professor of Design and Innovation.... Read more Dr Ileana Stigliani | 3 May 2017
Management, Strategy & Leadership

How to rebuild your reputation after a scandal

Dr Yuri Mishina, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour/Strategy at Imperial College Business School, outlines the steps firms need to take to salvage a damaged reputation.... Read more Dr Yuri Mishina | 20 April 2017