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How to make healthy eating easier

Understanding how our attitudes to risk and our level of self-control influence our food choices could be... Read more


Don’t cramp my style! Why people are more creative on their own time

R&D departments take note: your researchers really are more creative when their managers aren't watching... Dr Paola Criscuolo, Dr Anne ter Wal 30 October 2017

Born to win? Do first borns have the most success?

We already know your upbringing can affect how you perform as a chief executive. But does it make a difference if you’ve got an older sibling?... Dr Claudia Custodio 30 October 2017

Design thinking is the key to successful innovation

Businesses need to empathise with their customers or else risk failure, says Dr Ileana Stigliani, Assistant Professor of Design and Innovation.... Dr Ileana Stigliani 17 February 2017

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