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Crowdfunding: why campaign backers distrust round numbers

More accurate crowdfunding targets increase confidence and reduce sense of risk... Read more Vesa Pursiainen | 7 June 2019

The art of the pivot: how new ventures change course without losing followers

Pivoting without losing key followers is often necessary but tricky for new ventures: resetting relationships helps them pull off this feat... Read more Dr Christian Hampel | 24 April 2019

Building a blockchain for social good

Cryptocurrency fever might be in its death throes, but the potential the underlying technology has for social good is very much alive... Read more Dr Kieran Arasaratnam | 12 February 2019

Could the blockchain replace your manager?

The blockchain can free businesses from traditional hierarchies and established chains of command... Read more Dr Ying-Ying Hsieh | 11 February 2019

4 things to know about family-owned businesses in Asia

The future of international markets will be shaped by the decisions of Asia’s major family-owned firms... Read more Professor Mike Wright | 6 December 2018

Startups: minimise uncertainty by telling everyone your plans

New companies that want to displace the big boys need to make their business models clear... Read more Dr Llewellyn D.W. Thomas | 6 June 2018

Don’t cramp my style! Why people are more creative on their own time

R&D departments take note: your researchers really are more creative when their managers aren't watching... Read more Dr Paola Criscuolo, Dr Anne ter Wal | 30 October 2017

Why every company needs its shepherds – steering external ideas to become internal innovations

Dr Anne ter Wal explains why it’s vital for companies to build internal systems that encourage the sourcing, integration and championing of new knowledge.... Read more Dr Anne ter Wal | 4 July 2017

Why empathetic thinking is central to business success

Empathy is not weakness; it is strength, says Dr Ileana Stigliani, Assistant Professor of Design and Innovation.... Read more Dr Ileana Stigliani | 3 May 2017