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The latest research across a number of important areas including risk, investment, analysis and fintech.

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What role for India in the global energy transition?

Demand growth for renewables provides ample opportunities for investment... Read more Dr Charles Donovan, Navin Agarwal | 26 June 2019

Flying blind in climate change investing

There is a lack of empirical evidence on the performance of low carbon infrastructure and clean tech... Read more Raffaele Della Croce, James Hindle | 8 April 2019

Lessons from the collapse at GE

Investors worried about carbon risks need to be looking at industries beyond coal, oil and gas... Read more Chris Goodall, Dr Charles Donovan | 29 January 2019

Leveraged buyouts do not lead to job insecurity

Existing EU legislation has been based on prejudice and not due diligence... Read more Professor Mike Wright | 28 January 2019

Infrastructure investing in an era of technological change

What infrastructure investors can learn from the mistakes of Charlotte Brontë... Read more Simon Wilde | 17 December 2018

Diversified household investment could be the key to economic growth

By spreading their bets, households could create growth beyond anything possible through monetary or fiscal policy... Read more Dr Harjoat S. Bhamra | 3 December 2018

The dangers of subsidy-free renewable energy

Exposing renewable energy producers to greater market risk may be both inefficient and counterproductive... Read more Albina Stukalkina, Dr Charles Donovan | 30 October 2018

Why some crypto assets will survive and others won’t

If you're a digital startup hoping to grow, crypto assets might be for you... Read more Dr Andrei Kirilenko | 7 September 2018

Developing countries are paying twice for climate change

The countries most at risk from climate change are also paying a penalty in the bond markets... Read more Dr Charles Donovan | 6 August 2018

Bitcoin and blockchain: how do you regulate something as intangible as a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are popular but consumers have few protections. Regulators have to protect individuals without crushing opportunities for investors... Read more Dr Andrei Kirilenko | 16 April 2018