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The latest research across a number of important areas including risk, investment, analysis and fintech.

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The dangers of subsidy-free renewable energy

Exposing renewable energy producers to greater market risk may be both inefficient and counterproductive... Read more Albina Stukalkina, Dr Charles Donovan | 30 October 2018

Why some crypto assets will survive and others won’t

If you're a digital startup hoping to grow, crypto assets might be for you... Read more Dr Andrei Kirilenko | 7 September 2018

Developing countries are paying twice for climate change

The countries most at risk from climate change are also paying a penalty in the bond markets... Read more Dr Charles Donovan | 6 August 2018

Bitcoin and blockchain: how do you regulate something as intangible as a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are popular but consumers have few protections. Regulators have to protect individuals without crushing opportunities for investors... Read more Dr Andrei Kirilenko | 16 April 2018

The dangers of regulation without impact assessment

Regulation involves trade-offs but regulators must understand the effects their activities will have before creating laws... Read more Dr Robert Kosowski | 26 March 2018

UK house prices won’t fall until transport is improved

Professor David Miles, formerly of the Bank of England, outlines the four key factors that will keep house prices high... Read more Professor David Miles | 31 January 2018

R&D: when it does (and doesn’t) pay to invest

R&D is expensive and even the biggest names can get it wrong, but we've identified certain factors that can guide investment... Read more Dr Jan-Michael Ross | 22 January 2018

Forget Bitcoin: blockchain could mean universal access to cash

Bitcoin is going through the roof as everyone hopes to make a quick buck, but if you really want to find financing through cryptocurrencies, try taking a look under the... Read more Dr Katrin Tinn | 14 December 2017

The rise of the intangible economy: how capitalism without capital is fostering inequality

As companies have come to invest more in intangible assets than tangible ones, it’s had a big effect on business models and social division... Read more Prof Jonathan Haskel | 5 December 2017

Climate change is the new big risk for business

Soon companies will have to make sense of how climate change will impact upon their businesses. How ready is yours?... Read more Dr Charles Donovan | 30 October 2017