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The latest research across a number of important areas including risk, investment, analysis and fintech.

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How crowdfunding became a credible way to sound out your market

No longer just for bands looking to tour, or for startups lacking access to financing, crowdfunding has become a way to sound out the market for innovative businesses... Read more Dr Katrin Tinn, Prof Gilles Chemla | 30 October 2017

Climate change is the new big risk for business

Soon companies will have to make sense of how climate change will impact upon their businesses. How ready is yours?... Read more Dr Charles Donovan | 30 October 2017

How can government support entrepreneurs?

Professor Erkko Autio examines the kinds of policies modern entrepreneurship needs to flourish in an increasingly digital marketplace.... Read more Professor Erkko Autio | 1 February 2017

From C to D: Bitcoin and the Soviets

100 years after the advent of central planning in Russia, another revolution is unfolding with the potential to decentralize economic and social... Read more Dr Emiliano Pagnotta | 30 October 2017

Artificial intelligence is changing the face of finance

Dr Marcin Kacperczyk, Professor of Finance, highlights the possibilities and challenges of AI technology in the finance industry.... Read more Professor Marcin Kacperczyk | 27 February 2017

The rise of the intangible economy: how capitalism without capital is fostering inequality

As companies have come to invest more in intangible assets than tangible ones, it’s had a big effect on business models and social division... Read more Prof Jonathan Haskel | 5 December 2017

Blockchain will kill the traditional firm

Blockchain is not like previous technologies: it could entirely change what constitutes 'a business'.... Read more Dr Catherine Mulligan | 16 October 2017

Forget Bitcoin: blockchain could mean universal access to cash

Bitcoin is going through the roof as everyone hopes to make a quick buck, but if you really want to find financing through cryptocurrencies, try taking a look under the... Read more Dr Katrin Tinn | 14 December 2017

The dangers of subsidy-free renewable energy

Exposing renewable energy producers to greater market risk may be both inefficient and counterproductive... Read more Albina Stukalkina, Dr Charles Donovan | 30 October 2018

R&D: when it does (and doesn’t) pay to invest

R&D is expensive and even the biggest names can get it wrong, but we've identified certain factors that can guide investment... Read more Dr Jan-Michael Ross | 22 January 2018