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Our research uses analytical methods from health economics, technology and innovation
management, organisational behaviour and management information systems.

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Binge drinking: is early exposure to alcohols ads to blame?

The alcohol industry must act now to safeguard children's physical and mental health... Read more Timothy Chambers | 15 July 2019

Level up: lessons from video games make fitness apps more successful

Gamification can be a powerful tool to encourage people to change their behaviour, but if implemented poorly can drive them away... Read more Prof Andreas B Eisingerich | 15 May 2019

Why workplace breastfeeding policies work

Working mothers need room to express themselves... Read more Dr Katharina Hauck, Dr Marisa Miraldo, Dr Surya Singh | 28 September 2018

Want to change people’s behaviour? Stop inspiring them

To get someone to quit smoking, give them achievable goals and put a smile on their face... Read more Dr Yuting Lin, Prof Andreas B Eisingerich | 14 June 2018

How to make healthy eating easier

Understanding how our attitudes to risk and our level of self-control influence our food choices could be used to make healthy eating easier... Read more Dr Marisa Miraldo | 5 March 2018

Spanish flu centenary: the vital role of health economists in tackling infectious disease outbreaks

A century on from the Spanish flu, health economists play a vital role in preventing another pandemic... Read more Dr Katharina Hauck | 2 February 2018

NHS in crisis: what Scotland can teach England

Unprecedented cuts in NHS finances have destabilised healthcare, while social care for older people is in meltdown. But solutions may already have been found, north of the border... Read more Prof James Barlow, Dr Brice Dattée | 5 January 2018

NHS in crisis: waiting times will only improve if we fix the whole system

The NHS is facing another winter of deferred treatments and longer waiting times. It’s a classic complex system management problem... Read more Prof James Barlow, Dr Brice Dattée | 3 January 2018

Is there a cure for inequality in drug innovation?

Our research reveals the true nature and magnitude of the mismatch between drug innovation and global unmet health needs ... Read more Dr Eliana Barrenho | 30 October 2017

Dropping out of the postcode lottery: do competition and choice improve healthcare?

Policies to introduce competition to healthcare can become politicised, but the market is no more complex than others.... Read more Prof Carol Propper | 14 August 2017