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Our research uses analytical methods from health economics, technology and innovation
management, organisational behaviour and management information systems.

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NHS in crisis: what Scotland can teach England

Unprecedented cuts in NHS finances have destabilised healthcare, while social care for older people is in meltdown. But solutions may already have been found, north of the border... Read more Prof James Barlow, Dr Brice Dattée | 5 January 2018

NHS in crisis: waiting times will only improve if we fix the whole system

The NHS is facing another winter of deferred treatments and longer waiting times. It’s a classic complex system management problem... Read more Prof James Barlow, Dr Brice Dattée | 3 January 2018

Is there a cure for inequality in drug innovation?

Our research reveals the true nature and magnitude of the mismatch between drug innovation and global unmet health needs ... Read more Dr Eliana Barrenho | 30 October 2017

Dropping out of the postcode lottery: do competition and choice improve healthcare?

Policies to introduce competition to healthcare can become politicised, but the market is no more complex than others.... Read more Prof Carol Propper | 14 August 2017

How can business improve public health?

Franco Sassi, Professor of International Health Policy and Economics, sets out the dilemma businesses face in the conflicting pressures to fuel and contain the rise of unhealthy lifestyles.... Read more Professor Franco Sassi | 28 February 2017

Can we build a culture of innovation in healthcare?

Dr Marisa Miraldo, Associate Professor in Health Economics at Imperial College Business School, discusses ways to accelerate innovation in healthcare for the benefit of patients, healthcare providers, and industry.... Read more Dr Marisa Miraldo | 27 February 2017

How will the NHS look in 2030?

Professor James Barlow, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management, examines the future of health care.... Read more Prof James Barlow | 17 February 2016

How does climate change affect the provision of healthcare?

Dr Laure de Preux, Research Associate at Imperial College Business School, examines the wider consequences of climate change in relation to public health.... Read more Laure de Preux | 15 February 2016