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Level up: lessons from video games make fitness apps more successful

Gamification can be a powerful tool to encourage people to change their behaviour, but if implemented poorly can drive them away... Read more Prof Andreas B Eisingerich | 15 May 2019

Online reviews: when good feedback goes bad

Donald Trump and Michael Gove were right: consumers really don’t like experts... Read more Dr Mirjam Tuk | 11 March 2019

Taking the guesswork out of cross-channel marketing

An evidence-based approach to audience segmentation can boost sales revenue by more than 16 per cent... Read more Dr Gokhan Yildirim | 31 July 2018

Is transparency always the best policy?

Imperial researchers have found that, if a business is transparent and open, consumers are more likely to behave ethically and responsibly... Read more Dr Yuting Lin, Prof Andreas B Eisingerich | 15 May 2018

How do app ratings, rankings and price really affect purchases?

While seemingly straightforward, price is interpreted differently across countries and cultures.... Read more Dr Gokhan Yildirim | 20 November 2017

Let’s share our likes together: why novelty and diversity are the new keys to marketing

People tire of experiences quicker if they are shared with others. With social media meaning more of our experiences are shared, that raises some major questions for advertisers... Read more Dr Rajesh Bhargave | 30 October 2017

Love only gets you so far: like the rest of us, brands need trust and respect

For people to be loyal to your brand, they have to admire it – and that requires love, trust and respect... Read more Prof Andreas B Eisingerich | 8 August 2017

Can a ‘cue of the cloud’ improve sales?

Dr Rajesh Bhargave examines whether an in-store reminder of the Internet can influence retail purchases.... Read more Dr Rajesh Bhargave | 31 May 2017

Brand admiration: how to build a business that people love

Dr Andreas B. Eisingerich, Professor of Marketing and Programme Director of the Full-Time MBA at Imperial College Business School, argues that businesses have yet to develop a compelling perspective on... Read more Prof Andreas B Eisingerich | 27 February 2017

Do empathetic marketers make more egocentric decisions?

Dr Johannes Hattula’s research investigates how marketers’ personal preferences could be affecting the success of marketing decisions, and how being able to recognise and overcome these biases, can create more... Read more Johannes Hattula | 27 February 2017